Fullname: Sir Constantine Greenfield
Alias: Cons
Age1: Late 20's
Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Height: 5'9"
House: Lyonesse; Brentinor blood
Themesong: "Back in Black", AC / DC
Played By: Tom Felton
Assignment: Black Knights of Albion (not publicly known)
Rank: One of Queen Igraine's Twelve
Titles: The Black Knight


This young man stands right at 5'9" tall, his build more towards 'wiry' than 'bulky' or even broad-shouldered. Blonde hair is worn short and combed back, showing a high forehead. Blue eyes draw attention to a narrow face, prominent chin countering his narrow jawline. He is clean-shaven and neatly attired, without so much as a hair out of place.

He is wearing full plate armor, the suit beautifully crafted and well-polished. It is tailored specifically for him and he moves easily while wearing it. The armor is overlaid with the emblems of Brentinor. He bears a shield with Brentinor's coat of arms, typically slung over his left shoulder when not in use. A finely-made broadsword swings at his side.

Public History

Constantine grew up in Brentinor, in southern Lyonesse. His family didn't have much, like most families struggling to survive in what remains of the once-great island. Being a younger son, he left home to apprentice himself as an early teen. At this point he left the public face, returning some years later as a full knight. Leaving Lyonesse, he went to Amber where he attached himself to House Mandrake, trading smith work for room and board. He continues to work towards freeing Brentinor from the dominion of the Black Knights.

Having survived the quest and passed the trials, Sir Constantine has found and claimed the Helm of Night to become this generation's Black Knight of Lyonesse.

Less-Public History

When Constantine left Brentinor to apprentice himself, he was found by one of Igraine's Twelve, black knights sworn to serve her. A loyal and persistent youth, he was taken in by one as an armor bearer initially. Later he worked up to the position of squire, and was finally knighted as one of the order. He is currently one of Igraine's Twelve, an inner circle of Knights loyal to her.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Lyonesse
  • Smithwork, armor and weapons
  • Black Knights
  • The Black Knight of Lyonesse
  • Shadow Chalice
  • House Mandrake (guest)

Associates and Connections

  • Igraine


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