Fullname: Curiosity Valentine
Alias: Curi, Curio.
Age1: 150 or thereabouts, probably.
Features: Lilac hair, storm grey eyes
Height: 5'5"
House: Blood of Montevalno, Bayle and Begma
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Unknown
Assignment: Manager of the Twisted Grape
Rank: Lady
Titles: Miss Valentine


This young lady has a shining light forever imbedded in her grey eyes, one that is unquenchable. The sparkle of a mind behind them, that is never satisfied with the answer. She is not overly tall, having managed a healthy 5'5", nor is she big boned. The word 'elfin' was coined to describe certain types, after all - large eyes, framed by neatly plucked and dark brows and long lashes, a retrouse nose with a pert button at the end and very full and pouty lips, all arrange in a heart shaped, but rather pointy-chinned face, upon a trim, nubile frame. Her hair is quite the sight though, being the rich purple of lilac blooms in springtime, with a lighter blue-violet beneath and the kind of variation in the abundance that suggests it is naturally so. It hangs loose and free to her upper back, an untamed, occasionally fly-away mane.

Public History

Curiosity is an East Begman first, a gunslinger second and an unfortunate victim of alchemical amnesia third, but all of her is a Bayle and all of her is an inventor. Montevalno features in there with a twist of dramatic home life, although when you're the daughter of a ex-patriated mons snake-oil salesman, that can be excused. She's one of five surviving children of six, thematically and dramatiacally named Discovery (female, older, NPC), Satisfaction (male, older, NPC) with herself in the middle there, followed unfortunately by Tragedy (female, younger, NPC), Disillusion (male, younger PC) and little Apology, who never made it past her first year.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Invention! You need somethin' I got somethin, sugar!
  • Begma, east preferably!
  • Adventure, sometimes this stuff jus' happens to me.
  • Wine! Ain't nothin' sweeter.
  • Gardening, I do so love how my garden grows. Mind the hedge, it's carnivorous. Pesky Rabbits!
  • Nature, I love the great outdoors.
  • Mystical Engineering, to quote: How does it work? MAGIC!
  • Sharpshootin' - Don't matter what needs shot, I can hit a bulls-eye blindfolded. Prob'ly. Maybe?

Associates and Connections

  • Justin, the faithful major Domo of Chantris, cousin and nominal head of Bayle in Amber.
  • Micah, a handy blacksmith mandrake dragon.
  • Vayel, the librarian with the social skills of a banana!
  • Disillusion, ne'er do well little brother. Love him to bits.
  • Syeira, bouncy gypsy miss, artist and drinking buddy.
  • Templeton (Mercier), almost seems like a Begman to me.
  • Marlene, well, ain't she just the nicest upper class Begman lady!
  • Vanessa, cousin o' mine. Got some nifty perspectives.
  • Catriona, odd gal. Creepifyin' sometimes.


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