Fullname: Cyril Feldane
Alias: Cy
Age1: 153
Features: Red hair
Height: 5'11"
House: Pathi and Feldane
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Unknown
Assignment: Philosophos
Rank: His Emminence Philosophos Exoterikos
Titles: Lord


Fair skin and red hair that's cut just at the bottom of his shoulder blades form the most obvious features for this man. He has enough lines on his face to give a thirty-something appearance, though his eternally smooth jaw and bright, clear blue eyes add an odd contrast of youthfulness. His nose is sharp and hawkish, adding some character to the face. He stands just under six feet in height, more wiry than anything else.

Public History

Family, for Cyril, comes in two areas. There is the Pathi side of the famil - this comes from Acacia, his mother - and then there's the Feldane side - from his father's line. He's the product of an arranged marriage, with the contract having stated, always, that he would end up in Pathi. He would spend his summers among the Feldane kin, but the rest of the year he would belong to the wizards and their strange, floating island.

While following his research, Cyril ran afoul of a lich with black road help in shadow and didn't quite have the strength to overcome. He spent quite some time in their clutches and has only just managed to escape and make his way home to recover. He'll sure need to go back adn finish that botched job…maybe with some help!

Known Associates

  • Jira: So many mixed feelings about this savior and captor all at once.
  • Lara: I hope your curry is as delicious as you made it out to be.
  • Lisette: Another redhead!
  • Robert: The other Pathi-Feldane.


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