Fullname: Dashton Feldane
Alias: Dash
Age1: 145
Features: Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes
Height: 5'10"
House: House Feldane
Themesong: "Gone Away", The Offspring
Played By: Peter O'Toole
Assignment: Master Gardener
Rank: Noble
Titles: Lord


Dashton Feldane stands with impeccable posture at a roughly average height, about five foot ten, with the lean build of an active individual. His blonde hair has a reddish hue to it, teetering on the edge of being strawberry blonde, is kept tight on his sides, but rests at a medium length up top where it falls in rakish waves. Hazel eyes, a mixture of gray, green, and blue, stand out against the backdrop of his lightly tanned skin.

Public History

Dashton Feldane has led a life of seclusion, devoted entirely to his work as a master gardener and botanist. He and his wife, Melanii, would split much of their time between the famed Feldane gardens and various expeditions into shadow to expand upon them. The culmination of this is that in spite of a life of 145 years with Amber City as his primary residence, little is known of the man. Those who have encountered him in the past describe him simply as a soft-spoken and polite gentleman. Lately, however, rumors swirl of a failed expedition to Cibola where his wife met a tragic end and he had been rescued by his daughter, Maeghan.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Feldane
  • Lethem
  • Botany
  • Crime
  • Pain
  • Death
  • Exploration
  • Family
  • Tragic Loss
  • Regret

Associates and Connections


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