Davial meets the red falcon
Diaval meets the red falcon
Location: Somewhere among the rooftops of Amber
Date: July 20th, 2017
Summary: Diaval meets a cousin from Pathi who can, similar to himself, take the shape of a bird
Characters: Diaval and Isobel
NPCs: Verious birds and some Morrigu

It has been 9 years, 9 months, 17 days since the battle of the Guns of Avalon.

Late evening in Amber, the sun is starting to set allowing twilight to creep over the city but few would yet call it dark.

Among the roof tops a large raven sits. A pair of crows, a number of choughs and another, smaller, raven fly up to the central raven and sqwack, chirp or caw at him, reporting in their natural ways about various movements of people in the city… commoners, merchants, craftsmen and some nobles. It is random information but it paints an image of the daily goings on.

On occasion a wing of birds mixed of ravens, corbies and a few birds of prey make flight over the city and along the edges over the forested areas. At its lead is a small red falcon. The group makes such a pass tonight and the falcon notices the cluster of ravens upon the rooftop. Her own group call out to them and she leads them to land upon the rooftop a few metres away. Raven calls and cries of falcon are offered in greeting to the other group.

The cry of a falcon catches the large raven's ear and he looks up into the sky. His next utterance, to a chough in the language of the sky, directs the smaller bird to take wing. Working hard, it flies up to where the red falcon is flying with corvids and says, "Friend of the Sky Prince?" to the crimson avian in its speech.

As one wing meets another and the leader of one speaks, the other answers in her own avian tongue. "We fly for the sky prince and Amber." The falcon replies as her head swivels to look upon his group. "Another group to share the watch over the city is welcome." She continues as her wing looks on the other. Amoung her group ravens and Morrigu in their raven form, larger of body and more intelligent of eye than the others. "We land and meet each other?"

The chough says, "Come, come," breathily and then glides back down towards the large raven who sent him up to the red falcon unable to work its wings this hard and thing clearly enough to be more clear. However, at least one of the morrigu has heard of the meeting of a grandchild of Morrigan this last weekend on Kolvir and comments to Isobel that this raven may be that man… or if she hasn't heard of this yet herself, just that this may be a momentous meeting for her.

The counsel of her morrigu is heard and she bobs her head before following the the raven down to the roof. As she lands she changes form into that of a young woman in a simple linen gown. Her red hair hair down to her waist and yet there still seems the air of the falcon about her. "I am Isobel and cousin to the sky prince. It is my pleasure to meet another watcher in the air."

The raven bows his head slightly to Isobel and speaks, in a normal human voice slightly small due to his physical size but otherwise normal. "I am Diaval. Also a cousin of the sky prince, grandson of a prince. Well met my cousin and friend of the morrigu," he says.

"The Morrigu who look to me , speak that you are kindrid to the Morrigan. I am well honoured to meet you." Isobel says and tilts her head in respect to him. "My blood is through Brand's line bonded with the Pathian." She informs and lowers herself to sit upon the roof so that she is more of an eye level with the creature. Her wing lands upon the roof behind her though the Morrigu move forward, to stand nearer the red head.

The raven steps forward, shifting into human form as he does becoming a six-foot-plus tall dark haired man with a reserved expression on his face. "My parents were the son of Random and the daughter of Morrigan," he says, leading to nods from those Morrigu who have heard from Macha of the Black-feather clan of her meeting of this same man. "Pathi… are you a wizard yourself then?" he asks.

As the raven shifts to man, Isobel rises back to her feet and looks up to him. Petite and delicate , she hardly looks like a woman to lead a wing, but there is a strength to her or else the Morrigu would not follow. "Yes, the air is my element and it was through the gift I achieved flight." She explains and cants her head to hear the words of her Morrigu. "My gift with speaking to the birds I come by naturally." She explains, perhaps so that he may not see her as /merely/ a wizard.

"Where I am from we have wizards as well," Diaval explains. "It was though the actions of one of them that I gained the ability to become a bird."

"Then we hold our gift in much the same way. I have met few others like me. Carmichael is closest and yet still not the same." Isobel says tilting her head slight to the side to look up at him, making steps to approach. She cants her head down to the city below and back up to him. "Do you keep watch over the lower city? I heard among my group that there were ravens flying down here."

"The lower city is easier than the upper. Less politics but just as much danger… if not more in some ways." He shifts his weight and waves off an approaching bird with a signal that grants permission to interrupt if important… which it was not as the bird doesn't interrupt. "I'm not truly limiting myself, but I figured this was the best place to start is all."

Isobel nods to the man before looking down below. "They are who I protect as well. I am glad to more help of it." She says as she looks up. "My flights mostly take me over Arden at present. Some enemies of the people coming and yet there still is a sense of something bigger to come. Those of us in the sky can see more and get a better view." Perhaps meant literally and metaphorically as well. She extends a gloved hand to him. "How long have you had form?"

"More than thirty years," he says while having the appearance of someone just barely in his 20s, "And much of that believing I /was/ the raven and my human form was the alien one."

"I think I have done for a shorter time. Some memory lost to me and what I remember was that I was help captive and it was my means to escape and so I learned and studied until my will was strong enough to achieve the goal." Isobel explains of her own gift and smiles understandingly to his words, "There are times I feel the same. Easier to lose myself in her…" She makes a rising motion of her hand to the sky to signify flight. "To think only of that which an animal must think about."

Diaval nods. He looks out over the city as he says, "Yes, the life of a natural animal is easier than our but… I wouldn't trade my humanity for anything." He then turns and looks down at his cousin, due to the height difference only, and asks, "Including Carmichael, how many people like us do you know, Isobel?"

"No, I suppose not." She says wistfully as she looks back to him. "Though it was harder before, it is easier now to appreciate my humanity." She looks thoughtful at the question, her gaze looking out over the city. "Few of air, save for those I fly with." She says looking back to him and motioning to the Morrigu. "I have met more of ground, but many are more like Carmichael. It is a native part of them. The weir folk and children of the gods."

Diaval nods again. "I've met a weir. But I know of a Mon who can become a crow." He adds, to the morrigu specifically, "I do not believe that she is related to my grandmother."

"My choice was for the birds of prey that flew outside of my tower. I imagine if they had been ravens, such is how I would fly. Easier to take form with the familiar. To study it, to learn its movements.." Isobel shakes her head as if she was losing herself in that moment of memory and looks back up to him. "Not all who fly as crow are related. They are intelligent creatures all the same, even the most animal among them. Though my kinship is with birds of prey, I have grown much respect for the corbies and their kin."

As the sun has finally set and darkness blankets the city, one of the crows associated with Diaval approaches and kaws. "You wanted to visit the place where the girl sleeps," the bird says to him in the language of the sky. He nods and says, "Yes, thank you," to the bird. Then, to Isobel, he says, "Forgive me, but I had planned to roost at the Mandrake Hospital after observing the neighborhood for a time. I should depart."

Isobel nods to his words, "I am sure our flight paths will cross in the future. Be safe in your duties Diaval and I will go attend to mine." She steps back inclines her head and turns towards her flight. Taking a few steps she turns back into a falcon and her flock take flight towards the forests of Arden.

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