Fullname: Demario Alyksandr Badhbhchilde Jarodson
Alias: Diaval, Mario
Age1: 45 (appears ~20)
Features: Dark Auburn Hair, Dark Brown Eyes
Height: 6'2" (or 188cm)
House: Blood of Oberon
Blood of Paulette
Blood of Morrigan
Themesong: none
Played By: unknown
Assignment: none
Rank: none
Titles: none


Diaval is a shapeshifter. Born human, he has been made able to take the form of a raven also though a permanent magical effect. In human form he is 6'2" tall and weighs 12.5 stone (175lbs). His features are fine boned including a high forehead, a narrow and slightly hooked nose, and a narrow chin. He has auburn hair and dark brown eyes. In raven form he is 2'2" long with a wingspan of four and a half feet and weighs just under four and a half pounds. Other than his exceptional size, he is an otherwise unremarkable raven.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Birds (especially ravens and other corvids)
  • Blades (especially daggers and knives)
  • Magic
  • Missing Memories
  • Royals
  • Shadow

Background and History


Public Background Information: Diaval is known to have recently arrived in Amber, by ship. He arrived on the day Gerard was named Regent (RL Date: May 29th, 2017).

Continuing Play History

Associates and Connections


  • Parents & Grandparents
    • Badhbh Morrigandotter (mother, NPC daughter and priestess of Scaldcrow Morrigan in a far shadow)
    • Jarod Randomson (father, NPC son of Random)
    • Prince Random of Amber (paternal grandfather)
    • Scaldcrow Morrigan (maternal grandmother, NPC Divinity)
  • Other Relatives


  • Erin is a crow shapeshifter from Montevalno that Diaval has met.
  • Y'letha is a weir that Diaval has met.



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