Diaval arrives in Amber
Diaval arrives in Amber
Location: Amber's Docks
Date: May 29th, 2017
Summary: Diaval arrives in Amber and meets some people.
Characters: Diaval, Faust, Melina, Mercier, and Portia
NPCs: none

Afternoon in Amber. There's a lot of traffic in the harbor as Minosian ships are sailing in and proclaiming their support for the newly named regent. Amid the noise from the people on the ships and those moving about the docks is the ubiquitous scent of salt water on the breeze and the cries of seagulls scavenging amid the ships and both above and below the docks. Possibly unseen a large black bird, a raven, flies from one of the miriad ships moving into the waters from some shadow path or another across the docks and into an alley.

Portia is back in the city and has been let loose on her own. Her hair, grown out from a lengthy absense is braided neatly, hanging between her shoulderblades and even tied with a bow. She's dressed in a light, white dress, fitted to remind herself that she is indeed a girl. It would likely be ankle length on another woman but swings around her calves with her height. Whomever dressed her couldn't manage shoes though, the freckle cheeked girl barefooted as she wanders though the comings and goings of the harbor. Other than the gruesome scar that vanishes down into her cleavage, she could just be any lost small town, shadow girl, fresh off the boat, wide eyed and wandering. Well. Until she grins too wide and flashes those fangs.

A Begman (or Begma-esque person) in a dark blue suit leans agaist a lamppost, unlit, or just put out in the morning. It was a better viginette at night, with its Amber glow flickering against a racous darkness that never left the docks, even in the daylight. A steaming cup of something rests in his hand, against his chest, as he stares aimlessly out towards the busy sea.

The easiest way to find Faust tends to be to go where the people are, as the attention-hungry street performer is naturally drawn to the biggest audiences. And as usual, the man is out busking. Sweet but subtly eerie violin music rises above the sounds of the crowds as the man plays, swaying side to side in tune with his own music while three orbs that look like light made from mist swirl lazily about him, changing color to fix the music. A small, winged imp made of fire sits perched on the edge of the open violin case, making sure that passsersby are only putting coins in and not taking any out.

Melina is walking down the street in a manner such that she almost isn't focusing on what's in front of her the othe other humans might as well not even be present serving as backdrop to the woman's thoughts. for some reason though the bird immediately catches her eye, perhaps because of the role birds have played in recent events. she notes its form with a small mithless chuckle and says "quoth the raven, nevermore" to no one in particular

Portia begins to hum tunelessly along to the busking. It's off, not right to say the least but not quite random, almost calculated dissonance. She seems cheerfully oblvious, half skipping on toes, occasionally swishing her skirts, unused to the extra fabric though she clearly finds it amusing. It's very princess skipping through the streets, though Portia is not that sort of pretty, not quite that graceful, and there are a few of the hardened sailors that simply recoil from her in fear. Closing in on the fire imp, it draws her attention and she reaches out to poke it.

In the shadows of the alley, after landing on a sturdy crate, the raven's form blurs as it transforms into a man wearing a great cloak and dark clothes. He takes a moment to adjust and fasten the coat around him and then steps out into the masses, gazing around. His eyes particurarly focus on Faust and the magic he is obviously using. His interest in the man and his fire imp is obvious as he immediately begins to walk towards him.

Mercier pointedly doesn't approach the musician. The busker had been planning for some time since the merchant had took station at the lamppost, and might after the merchant left. He takes a sip of his hot drink, slowly, then bringing the mug down.

The fire imp bats at the finger reaching out to poke at it and chitters nonsensical sounds angrily. The performer, however, seems oblivious to this and continues his playing. His music does, however, increase in volume - magically so - in an attempt to block out the dissonant notes hummed nearby. As the song reaches its close, the lights fade out, and once the last hints of notes have fallen silent, Faust sweeps into a low bow.

Melina notes Diaval's change in appearance and follows his path with her eyes only then seeming to note the musician's presence. odd for some who normally notes everything about. She favors faust with a genuine smile as he finishes

Portia opens her mouth, curling her lips with a hiss at the imp like an angry cat. She straightens with a bit of a pout and half turns, no longer interested now that she's been shunned. Of course she's still interested, but now she can't act interested and begins to find another source of interest. A Begman with something nice and warm to drink always seems like a good target.

Diaval, having gotten close enough for an easy toss, pulls a silvery coin out of one of the pockets of his coat and deposits it into the performer's hat. Anyone who looks at the coin will find it is decidedly not one minted in Amber. "Well met," he says to Faust in Thari with a thick and unusual accent that makes it sound more like he said 'Wheel mit'.

It's the lamentable task of a Begman, or one who looks like one, to be interesting, in Amber. Even if such a man tried to make a career out of seeming ordinary. Then again, barefeet are hard to hear coming, and poor Mercier looks none the wiser to the fanged chaosian's approach.

Seeing someone he knows and someone who seems interested in talking to him (and who's given him a very nice and shiny coin), Faust takes the opportunity to gather his money and pack up his instrument. "And well met to you as well," he replied cheerily to Diaval with a grin and a wave shot in Melina's direction. His imp flaps its way up in to the air when Faust goes to snap his violin case shut and then vanishes in a puff of smoke as though it was never there. "I take it you're a man with a love of good music, yes?"

Allowing Chaos to sneak up on you generally isn't adviseable, but all Portia does is attack the poor man with a hug from behind, after taking a moment to lean in and smell him. Bare arms and clawed hands, a playful bite at his shoulder. From almost any other girl, these things could lean toward being suggestive, but with Portia, it's just like having an overgrown puppy be happy to see you.

Diaval nods to Faust as the man is hugged by Portia. "Aye, I have always enjoyed music but have had little chance to pursue that appreciation," he says, his accent making this come out like 'Eye eye ave ale-ways in-joyed muzak but ave lite-el chance t'purr-ooze that ape reach ton.'

Melina returns faust's wave easily enough but as he engages in conversation with the other man, her attention is caught momentarily by the begman's current predicament which she watch with interest

Mercier does a very good job of not looking anything more then mildly surprised, though Portia can certainly sense, through a variety of means, of a body naturally using fear to take action. Hairs stand on end, heart skips a beat… it takes him a moment to realize who it is, and that starts to slacken off…. a little. Even a large overgrown puppy can be unpridictable. He reachs back with one free hand, and gives the girl a rub on the head, putting gentle pressure on her forhead as she starts to bite, "None of that, hoyden." He says, with a polite smile none the less. He passes the cup of coffee around to his side, "Would you do me a favor, darling, and hold that a moment?"

Faust straightens, instrument case in one hand. He's a good half a foot shorter than his conversation partner, maybe more. "Well, hopefully I can bring more chances for people to appreciate it very soon, as I'm about to gain a music hall with my name on it." He puffs up with pride. At the affectionate attack of Portia on Mercier, he throws a quick glance their way.

Portia is predictably unpredictable. Totally harmless though, look, she's not even armed after all. "Oh. Ok then," she says in answer to the question and takes the coffee as she untangles herself from Mercier. Biting her lower lip, her fingers wrap around the cup to hold it protectively.

"A music hall," Diaval repeats, pronoucing the words more like standard Thari despite his accent still being evident in his words. He then asks a question which, more so than his speech, identifies him as a newcommer: "Is this Amber? The kingdom of King Oberon?" Again, it seems that hearing Thari as it is spoken here has helped his words come out less jaringly than they did at first.

Melina sees Mercier resolve his situation in a way that is satisfactory to him and heads in faust's direction

Mercier gives another little smile towards Portia as he reaches into his coat to produce a flask, unscrewing the top and and pouring a bit of whatever liquid was inside into the coffee mug, before screwing the lid back on. He reclaims the cup from the woman, before offering the flask, "Thank you. And… my apologies for the poor greeting. Good morning, Portia. Its a pleasure to see you again, and that you're still about and kicking." He says, giving her a an actual genuine smile.

"It is, it is," Faust replies, keeping a curious eye on Mercier and Portia. "Did you come in on one of these ships?" He gestures widely with his free hand at the ships lining the docks. "Ah hello, Melina," he greets as she approaches.

"I am even a Commander again," Portia says, taking the flask. She takes a hearty drink that makes her scrunch her nose and shudder a touch before she hands it back. "I am a Knight once more, I have a full command, Corwin falls under my protection," she says with a proud grin. Melina gets a wave and the question from Diaval causes her to laugh before her gaze trails over to Faust. He gets a slightly unsure wave of fingers.

Diaval raises an eyebrow in Portia's direction when she laughs at his question and then nods to Faust as he is given an answer to his question. "Yes I did," he says in answer to the counter question briefly enough to not interrupt the woman greeting the performer. He inclines his head in greeting to both of them and to the Begman with the flask as well.

Melina has a look of faint surprise at portia's wave but reutns it as she greets both faust and diaval "How does the day find you both?" and then adding for Diaval, "Welcome to amber"

Mercier gives a little raise of his eyebrow as he claims the flask back from his free hand, placing back in his coat, as he takes a sip from his coffee, a convienent move as the geuinness of his smile falters. He takes a deeper drink then he had before, and when he brings the mug down, he's glancing down at it, into the muddy brown liquid, "Of course you did." He mumbles, "Well, I'm glad you've found a place." He says, carefully, that same smile mournful as it comes back up.

Faust returns Portia's wave with a more confident one and a flash of a grin."Welcome to Amber indeed," he says to Diaval, "and what better welcome could you get than a performance from Faust, the great performer of Amber!" He sweeps into another bow.

Portia looks back to Mercier with a tip of her head to the side. "You seem…unhappy. I don't understand. I'm happy. You're unhappy." She takes a long, slow breath and taps a finger on a lip, "This means I've done something wrong. What did I do that was wrong?"

"Do you often perform here at the docks rather than in the Palace or other centers of culture, sir?" Diaval asks Faust while another conersation picks up around him.

Melina hms "He brings such pleasure to the woodsman in arden though it's probly true you could earn more coin elsewhere" she muses to faust

Mercier keeps on with that smile, nursing his spiked coffee, "Mostly that I'm unhappy, and your happy." Mercier says, his words slow and ponderous, "I don't…. I don't like to see you unhappy, and what you've done, I think, was one of the only ways for you to gain purpose. I don't blame you. But its the wrong side. And I'm sorry about that."

"The people here are more interesting," Faust replies with a nod in Portia and Mercier's direction. "But I'll play anywhere with a crowd. No poor soul should ever be denied my gentle melodies and flashy displays of skillful magics. To do so would be cruel. Coin I can earn anywhere. Think of the poor woodsmen." He grins. Reaching into one pocket, he continues, "could I interest you in a balloon animal to celebrate your new arrival to Amber?" and pulls out a handful of long, colorful balloons just waiting to be inflated and twisted into some vaguely animal shapes.

Diaval nods slowly to Melinda to acknowledge her comment about the woodsmen and then returns his attention to Faust and says, "Sure," and then asks, "Can you make a unicorn?" and adds, "It seems appropriate, right?"

Melina nods and smiles "It would indeed seem appropriate"

Melina hms "I'm afraid I should be going. nice to meet you and see you again"

Faust selects a handful of balloons. "A unicorn should be easy," he assures, returning rejected balloons to his pocket and starting to stretch the selected balloons. After blowing them up, he uses deft fingers to twist them into a form recognizable as a unicorn. Once he finishes, white fur grows over the latex across the head, body, and legs, and the horn twists itself into a spiral point. An attempt is also seemingly made with the mane, but those round bubbles that comprise it still look round and bubble-y. Faust bows low and sets the unicorn onto the ground, where it comes to life, lifting its head before hobbling its way over to Diaval and rearing up in its hind legs.

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