Diaval has coffee with Lady Melina Solaris
Diaval has coffee with Lady Melina Solaris
Location: Surya's Coffeehouse in Amber
Date: June 1st, 2017
Summary: Diaval meets Melina at the coffeehouse and they talk about his home and of Amber.
Characters: Diaval and Melina
NPCs: none

The cofee shop is quiet at this late evening hour. Couples enjoying quiet company or lone figures in corners seeking solitude. Melina at present is somewhere in between. She is alone but she is also seated near the door, apparently to catch the last rays of the sun. She has parchment and a bottle of ink on the table as well as a cup of tea which may have gone cold by now. She holds quill suspended in midair squinting at the page.

Having found that his silver spends fine here despite having been minted in another world, Diaval approaches and enters the coffee shop. He looks around and sees a familiar face. Smiling in Melina's direction first he goes to the barista and orders a cup of spicy cinnamon coffee which, after being given it, he carries ofer to the table the Chantris woman is sitting at. "Saw you the other day," he observes and then asks, "Mind if I join you?"

Melina smiles up and gestures to the empty seat across from her. "Please do. I'm not getting anywhere with this just now." She sets the quill aside with genuine relief. "I'm Lady Melina Solaris. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Diaval bows his head and then lowers himself into the seat. He sets his cup down on the table before speaking again. "I am called Diaval," he says in response and then adds, "Lady Solaris, I hope I didn't offend with my previous lack of formality."

Melina shakes head with a smile. "Oh gods no. I'm just a member of a minor house after all and one of the youngest at that. You said you just arrived in amber as I rcall from where, if i might ask?"

"My home is another world… what are called Shadows here. The word for our world translates to the word earth in an ancient tongue," Diaval expains. Likely a fairly common answer in most places as they are all reflections of Amber, the world of earth standing between sky and water.

Melina hms "That we are, which couldn't be much more evident than it is now with things as they are

Melina hms "Lucky to have been from shadow. The trouble here might not quite have reached outward just yet but perhaps you have picked a good time tocome. onward we go and all that one assumes."

Diaval frowns and says, "I'm not sure what troubles you mean, Lady Solaris," before he picks up his cup and takes a long sip of his spiced coffee.

Melina hms "Well more questions than answers at this point, but we've been rocked by tremors of late and some of the magics associated with amber's protections are failing, we're trying to restore a tense relatiohip with rebma and we're about to install a new regent who was actually /elected. bit of a political dustup but none of the usual bloodshed ..yet"

Diaval looks confused, frowning more deeply as he says, "Elected? That's… a strange word." He sips again at his coffee.

Melina hms " difficult times call for change at least that's what some of us have contended. Caine, the sitting regent became ill suddenly. it's possible the taint has finally taken hold beyond recovery." The smallest hint of a smile is present at these words " all of the elders who were interested in the regency as well as some of the few officially recognized princes and princess interestrd im the regency stated their intent and the royals each indicated their choice in secret. gerard won

Diaval shakes his head, obviously not understanding all of this. He then asks, "Elders? Taint? Perhaps you could clarify the political landscape of Amber for me?" before waving down a server and asking for something savory to be brought to the table for himself and Lady Solaris.

Melina blinks "oh" she takes a breath " i fear I shall need a lot more tea. Ok elders. direct descendants of king oberon. his sons, his daughters. since the king's disappearence each of his sons have taken turns on the throne. some taking the title of king others forgoing it for the more palatable title of regent according to the political climate but mostly according to their caprice. through victory in battle, bargaining, collusion, treachery power shifts

Diaval listens attentively, allowing the serving woman to interrupt when she brings hummus and baked pita chips to the table. He politely indicates that Melina should continue as she explains the basic layout of Amber's Upper Nobility, including the major houses and the notable princes and princesses of Amber. He makes a concerted effort to mask any sign of recognition when the name of the Prince he recognizes is mentioned by eating a large chip with a healthy dollop of hummus upon it.

Despite his attempt to conceal it, Melina detects Diaval's micro expression reaction when she mentions Queen Paulette and, most specifically, her son Prince Random. He has obviously heard about the prince sometime in his past despite this being his first time in Amber, or so he says.

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