Diaval invites Y'letha to a picnic
Diaval invites Y'letha to a picnic
Location: The Western Lands beyond Amber and Arden
Date: June 24th, 2017
Summary: While wandering the wilderness around Amber, Diaval invites his weir friend to a picnic.
Characters: Diaval and Y'letha
NPCs: A flock of birds with Diaval (consisting of a raven, a couple of crows and a handful of choughs)

A few days ago, having sought an alternate way to learn more about Amber, Diaval hiked out of the city with a knapsack over his shoulders and walked eastward from Kolvir. Along the way he transformed to raven form and flew further eastward with the raven he had accompanying him. Once he reached fir covered foothills he stopped and asked the raven to go on into the forest and, as he'd taught the bird to do, say "Come!"; the bird's target… any she-wolf he could find. When one reacted favorably and would follow the bird would lead the wolf (presumably Diaval's weir friend Y'letha) back to Diaval's location.

As luck would happen to have it, the raven that Diaval had sent to find any willing she-wolf does happen to locate at least one. One who has a human intelligence behind lupine eyes. One who happens to seem intrigued by the request to come. A slight wag of the wail occurs then, and the black wolf with the white ear follows the raven to where Diaval awaits. Once she's come amongst the fir trees, she lowers her nose to sniff a little bit at the ground, scenting the air a bit. And glancing about a bit, perhaps looking for Diaval. She knows no other someone who would send a raven to find her, after all.

While waiting for the return of the raven, hopefully with a friendly Weir along with it, Diaval has shifted back to human form and removed his knapsack and coat. When Y'letha sees him he is practicing with his kukri, "shadow dueling" in a way as he goes though the motions of a fight with an invisible and highly mobile opponent.

Whuffling a little bit near to the ground, she lifts her nose as she looks to him. Watching him. She tilts her head to one side, her ears perked up so the tips of them nearly touch. Quietly, she pads closer towards him, yet beyond reach. She settles to her rump and simply watches him. Waiting. Y'letha knows that what he does is an art of its own, though it's one that she knows little about.

Diaval ends his practice with a slice though the air which, for those with the imagination to "see" it, eviscerates his "opponent" and then, after a spinning flourish of the blade, he draws a cloth out of a pocket of his waist and wipes the blade "clean" before sheathing the weapon and turning to the wolf.

"Hello," he says to her as he folds the cloth into a small square again and goes on to say, "Nice to see that he was able to find you," as he nods towards the raven that has settled on a nearby tree branch.

Y'letha tilts her head to one side, her ears flickering a little bit as she both listens to and watches his practice come to an end. A smile smile comes to her features, and her pink and black mottled tongue flits out to lick her nose. Shifting her weight, she rises to her paws and gives herself a shake off, a little bit of dust sifting out of her coat as she does so. A few moments of concentration on her part has her change from the form of of wolf to be instead in her human form. Lifting a hand, she lightly brushes a bit of her hair from her face. "Good day," she offers, a small smile touching at the corners of her lips. She quirks a bit more of a smile, her pale golden eyes showing a sparkle to them. "I am not terribly difficult to find," she comments, giving a small nod.

Diaval nods. "No, I see that," he says on that subject. "How've you been this past week?" he asks but immediately explains his 'summoning' her before she can answer his question or ask about it by saying, "I thought I'd see about getting you out of the woods so you can see more of Amber," with a wave of his hand to indicate he is speaking about the world not the city.

The Weir lightly tucks a bit of hair behind one of her ears, watching him. A smile teases at the corners of her lips, and she gives a small nod. "I have been well enough. I have spoken with a few people, and… well, the talk often leads to more questions than what it gives answers, it would seem," she says softly, a thoughtful tone to her voice. She takes a moment to look about the area that the raven had led her too, and she chuckles softly, her pale golden eyes showing a sparkle to them. "It is not a bad thing to see more of Amber since it seems this will be my home now," Y'letha comments, a smile returning to her features.

Diaval watches as Y'letha adjusts her hair and allows his gaze to move away so as to follow her's as she looks about the area he had her lead to. "Are these questions you are struggling with?" he asks in a way that suggests an offer to help if it is needed and wanted while he steps over towards the tree his raven is perched in, upon which his jacket and knapsack are hanging from other branches.

"There are forces at work within and… well, for lack of a better way of putting it, behind Arden. I do not understand them, and I am not sure of the questions to ask to understand them better. There is a tainted spirit somewhere, causing some variety of issues, and… I wish to help but… I fell as though I know nothing that would be of help to anyone," Y'letha says softly, a blush of colour rising to her cheeks. "I struggle with trying to understand things, and to try to fit together the questions to ask in order to understand," she adds, looking to him through the veil of her lashes. She follows him, over towards the tree he approached, and she idly the fingers of her left hand against her outer thigh.

Taking the knapsack from the tree he opens it to show that within it is a blanket, a bottle and a bundle of what is likely a bundle of food.

"Ugh," he exclaims. "Back home I'd have some ideas on how to deal with that… but here, like you, I'm still trying to find away to fit in." He holds up the knapsack and asks, "Want to sit and eat? I've been foraging up until now but I thought that I'd make up for our impromptu breakfast last week with a better prepared meal if I was able to find you out here."

Not being too snoopy or nosy, she only glances towards the backpack before her attention turns to him, her gaze not lingering on the contents of it. "It is not easy to find a way to fitting in," Y'letha comments, a small smile coming to her features. "It seems there is much in the way of distrust towards Weir," she adds, then lifts one of her shoulders in a faint shrug. It's made her wary of being around large collections of people, or even areas where a lot of folks could be. A bit of colour comes to her cheeks, and she gives a not to him. "A meal would be welcome. I did not hunt on my way here," she says, a smile coming to her features.

With the hint of a smile, Diaval nods and extends the knapsack to Y'letha after he removes the blanket. Then, with both hands free, he takes two of the blanket's corners and shakes out the large square cloth so that he can lay it out on the ground. He waits for the Weir woman to sit down first and then joins her on the covered ground. The bottle is a wine, not terribly cheep but not expensive either, and is accompanied by two clay cups for drinking. The bundle has bread, sealed containers of butter and honey and a sausage as well as appropriate utensils. "After a long flight I know I'm always eager to have a good meal so I figured it might be true of you running a good distance also," he explains.

As the knapsack is offered towards her, she lifts a hand to accept it, holding it carefully. She watches then as he spreads out a blanket onto the ground, her head tilting slightly to one side. A picnic isn't something that she had expected, and yet… she finds herself grateful for it as he starts to lay out the pieces. She settles to the blanket, her legs folding into cross-legged fashion, and she watches him. Y'letha chuckles softly, and she gives a small nod. "A good meal is always welcome after travelling a good distance. I am used to snatching bites along the way, where the opportunity presents itself," she comments, a smile curling at the corners of her lips.

The sausage is a veal bratwurst and would likely be better with a good mustard but even plain it isn't bad. And of course there's the bread to put the sausage in or to have on its own even with butter or honey if desired. Diaval gestures for her to help herself or he could serve her himself. As he waits for her decision he says, "I can't swear that this is a good meal, but it should be pleasant at least." He then asks, "Do you have any idea why the people of Amber have a distrust of Weir?" referencing her earlier comment and observations he's made himself in the past weeks.

"A good meal often has as much to do with the company the food is shared with as the food itself," Y'letha says softly, a smile turning at the corners of her lips. She reaches out to the wine, removing the lid and then pouring the two clay cups ful. She sets the bottle aside, and then reaches out to pick up one of the cups, bringing it to her lips to take a sip of it. "There are some reasons that I have been able to suss out. It seems there have been incidents of people fighting with Weir, or being attacked with Weir. I am uncertain which is the case, for certain. But it seems that people see the wolf in a Weir and leap to the conclusion of aggressiveness or dominance, they see violence in the making that is just waiting to happen," she says softly, then lifts one of her shoulders in a small shrug.

"Wild does not always mean dangerous," Diaval says stating his opinion on the concern. He also smiles about the company comment and adds, "I feel the same way."

Y'letha reaches out to tear off a piece of the bread, and then she spreads a bit of butter on it before adding a slice of sausage. And to him, she gives a nod. "This is true, yes. It is something which I understand, and you understand, but… other people, people who are just people… if they have not had experiences with those like myself that have been good, then they do not see the same thing," she says softly, a faint smile touching at the corners of her lips.

<Editor's Note:> //Scene was paused and due to RL scheduling was not resumed. I (Diaval's player) believe that they enjoyed the picnic and just observed the natural beauty around them for a while before they parted company cordially.

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