Diaval makes a request of Maereina of Minos
Diaval makes a request of Maereina of Minos
Location: The Azure Solar in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: June 6th, 2017
Summary: Having sought her out, Diaval meets Maereina and discusses items he seeks to acquire.
Characters: Diaval and Maereina.
NPCs: Hounds (palace guards) and a palace servant.
Table of Contents

Main Scene

Two chairs are arrayed in front of Caine's suite. Maereina sits in one of them and the other is empty. The seats are flanked by two Hounds who guard the room.

A palace servant guides Diaval into the Azure Solar and bows to Maereina before departing. The newcomer is left to introduce himself which he does after bowing to the Prince's wife. "Well met, m'lady," he says, "I am called Diaval and I was told by Roger that I might find you here."

How did he get here? He'd been asking about in the lower city for advice on crafters and word on the street told him about Captain Midnight of Minos, wife of the former regent. He was told about the location of her former shop and then found his way to the Minosian Embasy. It was there that Jolly Roger pointed him to the palace. Once there, he was asked to surrender his kukri before he could request a servant to guide him to the lady's presence….

Maereina nods without rising, "Well the first thing is… Captain or Ambassador are fine but I don't let people call me lady even though I have more than enough claim to the title. What can I do for you?"

Diaval nods slightly to acknowledge Maereina's request. "Of course, Captain," he says accepting the correction. He then says, "I have heard you are one of the preeminent crafters in the city. I was hoping to discuss somethings with you, although I must admit to being unsure how I would repay you for your efforts."

Maereina nods, "It is one of the things I am known for, yes. Payment would of course depend on what was asked." She gestures to the chair beside her. "Sit and tell me what you are looking for."

Diaval removes his coat and drapes it over the back of the chair before he sits down. Evidence that a weapon is normally hung from his belt is easily seen by the discerning eye of an artist. "I have a few things I am looking for. The first, and most important for me, is replacing the glasses I lost in a relatively recent encounter, if you consider weeks including travel time from my home world, before I came to Amber. Naturally I cannot get to my normal craftsman to replace them."

Maereina frowns slightly, "Glasses? As in for eyes that do not work properly?"

Diaval nods and says, "Yes. I am farsighted. The glasses are to make it easier for me to read."

Maereina smiles faintly, "Well as it happens glass is the one thing I am fairly bad at working with. I can make a perfect sphere but not much else. I do know someone who can probably help you though. Meijanri at the Frozen Seas shop in the lower city is amazing with glass."

Diaval nods. "Very well, I will look into that then," he says and then, glancing at the guards standing near the chairs they are sitting in as he speaks, he adds, "The other item I am seeking is… an improvement to my wardrobe. I'm unsure how best to describe it without showing you something that might make that pair a bit nervous."

Maereina glances at the hounds then gestures over toward the entrance and says, "Give us some space please." She stands to let her cloak fall to her sides, "You just had to say you didn't want to talk in front of them."

An acknowledging nod is followed by a pass of his hands across slight bulges under his trousers on the outside of his thighs and then a discrete pass over a similar bulge on his left arm under his tunic sleeve. "I was hoping to find a better way to conceal these even when not wearing my coat," he explains.

Maereina slowly takes in Diaval from head to toe with just a hint of a smirk, "So you want special clothing designed to conceal your weapons?" She reaches beneath her cloak and begins producing weapon after weapon from inside the cloak. It really is a staggering amount of sharpened steel that begins piling up in the chair she was sitting in. Where in the hells was she keeping it all?

Diaval's face spreads into a sardonic smile and, after returning his features into his more sedate expression, he nods. "Yes, Captain, that is exactly what I meant," he says respectfully.

Maereina nods and reverses the process, slowly making the items vanish inside her clothing again. "I can make something like that, but I am currently spending most of my time here and do not have access to my crafting shop easily."

"Is there anything I can do to help you which would facilitate this?" Diaval asks and then suggests, "Perhaps I could bring you supplies?"

Maereina purses her lips for a moment, "Normally it really wouldn't be a problem but I am stuck here guarding my husband."

Diaval stands and puts his coat back on. "I understand," he says as he inclines his head. "I wish you and your's well and will check in on you to discuss this further another time if that is alright?"

Maereina nods, "When I have a chance I can send someone from my ship to pick up what I need. Any chance you can get some seamstress or tailor to write down a proper set of measurements for me?"

Diaval nods again and says, "I will visit such a person and have my measurements delivered to you hear at the palace." He then gives a questioning look to ask if the conversation is over in Maereina's opinion even as he says, "Thank you Captain Midnight."

Maereina re-takes her seat and rolls her eyes, "You don't need my permission to go just because I am married to a prince. We're not on my ship or anything."

Diaval chuckles softly as he departs.


As he left the palace, Diaval found the palace servant who lead him to Maereina and asked her to take a book to Prince Random after getting him some paper. Upon the paper Diaval wrote the following note:

Your Highness, Prince Random of Amber

I loan you this book as it may be of interest to you. I trust you to tend to this heirloom of mine well and look forward to meeting you when you return it to me, perhaps in person. If you have problems finding me the newly named Lord Praxis has ways of finding me or you could simply talk to the ravens about me until I show up. Of course, I will also visit the palace from time to time and ask if anyone wishes to speak with me so as to not inconvenience Your Highness.

Ever Yours,
Diaval Badhbhchilde of Inisfail

After writing the note Diaval folded it and placed it between the cover and the first page. He instructed the young woman to get the book to the Prince unopened and to explain the circumstances of his meeting to Random. Diaval then left the palace.

The servant tried to deliver the book to the Prince but he was not in the palace so she found one of his former body guards and gave the book to him to place in Random's rooms along with a note she wrote to herself which addressed how she met the gentleman (whose name she did not know), his request of her and a description of him.

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