Diaval meets another corvid-shifter
Diaval meets another corvid-shifter
Location: The roof of the Mandrake Charity Hospital in the Lower City of Amber
Date: June 8th, 2017
Summary: Diaval and Erin meet on a rooftop and find they have things in common.
Characters: Diaval and Erin
NPCs: A flock of birds with Diaval (consisting of a raven, a couple of crows and a handful of choughs)

Its late in the afternoon and most passers by in the Lower City pay no heed to the flock of blackbirds perched along the roof of the Mandrake Charity Hospital. Some may note that the flock is of a mixture of species consisting of paired ravens and crows and a couple of choughs as well. All are observant but unapparent to most people is that one of the ravens, Diaval in his bird form, is watching people coming and going to the hospital and other buildings near by. He is bored and his (literally) bird brained companions, while he can converse with them, are only passingly good company for him currently.

Another crow flutters across the sky, a bit of a distracted path. It finally settles on a nearby chimney. A brief moment of stillness, and then it loses shape. A moment later a young woman stands perched there. She wears a flowy little dress, and no shoes. She stretches and peeks down at the streets below, paying the other birds no attention.

A number of the birds flutter and look about. The largest, the raven that is Diaval, hops so as to turn around and looks up at the young woman with hair as black as the feathers she once had and makes an amused sound that is faintly reminiscent of a cough while still being a raven-like kraaw.

Diaval, seeming to just be looking at the young woman, concentrates for a moment and his form shifts and grows into the form of a man standing six-foot-two. As he changes form he steps away from the edge of the rooftop and the birds around him hop out of the way and make various noises as they are disturbed.

"Hello," Disval says in slightly accented Thari.

Erin startles a moment, and then recovers quickly enough. "Well, hello." She replies, "I didn't know there were more like me?" She crouches on the chimney to lower more to his level. Although the dress is dangerously close to giving scandalous peeks.

Diaval continues to move away from the edge of the roof, carefully moving up the slanted roof towards the chimney and the woman crouching near it. He stops when his face is roughly on level with her's. "Well, there are many ways for people to become shapeshifters so how much we are alike is completely up for discussion," he says and then adds, "But I will admit that it is strange to have met two other shapesifters in only twice as many days." He then introduces himself to her by saying, "I am called Diaval."

Erin nods, "Mine isnt natural, its true." She then offers, as she perches there, "My name is Erin." She offers a slim hand in greeting.

Diaval accepts the hand and, carefully maintaining his balance, leans down and lightly kisses the back of it before releasing it and standing upright again. "Many shifters aren't as I understand it… at least that is true where I am from," he says before asking, "Mind if I ask how your's came about?"

Erin blushes a bit at the hand kissing, then offers, "I was enslaved from family debts and used as a messenger, assassin and spy." She offers a little shrug, "Nothing to exciting."
"Where are you from," he asks, a hint of shock showing though his normally calm demeanor as he does so. Something in Erin's story connected with him obviously.

Erin reads the shock differently, "Oh, don't worry, I dont do that anymore… I just steal shiny things." She then shrugs, and moves to a sitting position, her slim legs, hanging off the chimney, "Montevalno."

Diaval shakes his head at the name of the shadow. "Can't say I've ever heard of the place, but I am new to Amber and from what I've come to learn is referred to as a Deep Shadow," he says. "One called Adhamh to be specific," he adds.

Erin shakes her head, "I've never heard of there either, I can't travel through shadow alone, so havnt been to deep into it." She nods. Her eyes squinting now as the late sun beams into her eyes.

Diaval nods as he notices the squinting and moves to one side so that Erin can continue looking in his direction but not have to gaze towards the setting sun. "I'm not surprised, I suspect that only one other person from Amber has ever been there," he says and then says, "I also cannot travel though shadow on my own so don't feel bad about it. Are you able to get home at all though then? I'm unsure if I will be able to easily find the captain whose ship I stowed away on to return to mine."

Erin rotates on her bottom to continue facing him. "Montevalno is frequented by many of the locals, its pretty easy to get to. I just dont have the best memories there, so I dont go that often." She rubs at her eyes to remove the spots.

Diaval nods and has the look of a man considering a question. As he continues to consider the one he asks another, "What happened to those that enslaved you?"

Erin waves a hand dismissively, "Nothing truly memorable. The debt was purchased away, and I was freed." She shrugs, then rests her hands on bare knees.

"And you are satisfied with that?" Diaval asks before saying, "I, at least, had the satisfaction of seeing my former master killed before me." There, he said it, he was at one time a slave as well.

Erin shakes her head, "No no… I'm not that person anymore… if I was still killing, then maybe I wouldnt have minded still working for them… I dont know." A grin. "Now I have a new life."

Diaval nods and says, "I chose the life of an assassin after one accidentally freed me from slavery but I've… chosen another path as well." He stops speaking shakes his head, obviously unsure why he's being so open about his past. He then asks, "May I ask what your ties to Amber are?"

Erin shakes her head, "I dont really have many." She shrugs a bit, "Its a good city for flying, and I have some friends here."

Diaval nods and asks, somewhat enigmatically, "Do you know the sky-prince?"

Erin shakes her head, "Never heard of him."

Diaval nods, "I've only met him once myself." He doesn't explain further before asking, "Have you met any other shifters before tonight?"

Erin lifts her leg to rest her head on her knee, "A wolf here and there, and maybe some others, but I dont remember everyone. They are about though."

Diaval nods yet again. "I met a weir a few days ago myself," he says.

Erin stretches a bit, that dress shifts on her small form. "So what are you doing on the rooftop this afternoon?"

"Watching. Waiting. Wondering," he says alliteratively before he asks, "And yourself?"
Erin has reconnected.

Erin laughs and shakes her head, "Not doing much, just woke up so thought I would catch some of the sun, before it vanished."

Diaval inclines his head slightly towards Erin and allows a faint smile to cause his lips to curl. "Not a bad reason to be on a rooftop in the evening," he says.

Erin nods and offers a wink, "I'm whimsical like that."

The smile remains until, a few moments later, the birds chirp in Diaval's direction. His smile fades as he nods. "It was a pleasure meeting you Erin," he says and then asks, "Can I find you here again or is there a better place to look for you?"

The birds chirped at Diaval saying, "You had wanted to be elsewhere after sunset, boss."

Erin nods, "The rooftops probably are the best bet…"

Diaval nods and shifts back to raven form. He kraas and then takes wing, joined by the rest of his small flock, and flies off towards another part of the city.

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