Diaval meets Lady Melina Solaris in the Little Market
Diaval meets Lady Melina Solaris in the Little Market
Location: The Little Market neighborhood of Amber's Lower City
Date: June 11th, 2017
Summary: While Diaval is shopping and meeting people in the Little Market, Lady Melina Solaris arrives and they converse.
Characters: Diaval and Melina
NPCs: various birds (including gulls and a raven), street urchins, various figures mentioned in the background but not interacted with

This afternoon finds Diaval in the Little Market of Amber's Lower City where he is talking to the various merchants and vendors of the neighborhood. Nearby there are gulls and various blackbirds watching for anyone who might appear to be planning harm for the man from deep shadow.

Melina walks into the area as one accustomed to it, but as one without a direct purpose, a trip down memory lane, perhaps. She notes the birds with a quizzical expression about to investigate further for the cause of their vigilant wath. when suddenly said feathered floock gets an eyeful inddeed. Melina is suddennly accosted by a frog on two legs wearing purple paints and orange top heat bearing gifts. Melina is presented with a dozen tiny rose an orange fleece blanket and a box of chocolates. Melina blinks a few times "Uh thanks" and the creature bounds off, leaving the bemused woman chuckling and shaking her head "Frogs now, hm."

The birds notice the strangely behaving frog and there's various caws and chirps because of it. One, a raven, instead swoops down and catches the frog in its talons and carries it off to eat it after discarding the pants and top.

In the language of the sky, which Diaval can understand, the birds described the odd occurrance with the frog and Lady Melina.

Although there is no sign of his having seen the amphibian, Diaval chuckles softly only moments after the gifts are given to Melina. He turns and sees the woman who was described to him and approaches her. "Lady Solaris, you seem to have an admirer there," he says to her as he gets close enough to expect to be heard by Melina.

Melina nods " it's been awhile since my husband has done something like this. nice to know your spouse fancies you after all these years. Seems like both our mind are travelling backwards today.

"How long have you been married?" Diaval asks.

Melina hms "It would be about six years now I think. I used to have far more occasion to visit areas like this back then when I served as Praetor."

Diaval nods and says, "I am not familiar with that title or position," and then asks, "Would you care to explain it for me?"

Melina nods "It doesn't exist as such currently. each ruler has their own way of rearranging the government. Prince Bleys had established that role to serve as liason between the people of amber and the crown, settling disputes maintaining security."

"Ah, I see," Diaval says with a nod. He then asks, "You were coming here thinking about the time you served in that capacity then, Lady Solaris?"

Melina nods "It serves me well to rember that our responsibility is to the people of amber not our own whim or ambition. mine is only a minor house nowhere near where it was in prestige when my aunt was its head but i live a life of privlege compared to many."

Diaval nods and suggests, "Lets walk, staying in place too much longer may start attracting urchin and pickpockets… or urchin pickpockets even."

Melina nods and falls into step "are you looking for employing on a ship then or trading wares in the market

"Neither," Diaval says softly as they walk past vendors and store fronts, "Was continuing a previous plan of meeting people and making friends." As they continue walking he segues from answering the question to what seems to be a heavier topic: "I'd been thinking of trying to find you, seeing as how you were among one of the first friendly faces I met in the city," he says, "So it was serendipitous running into you here today."

Melina grins "I try to be in the habit of making friends rather than enemies where I can. Was there something specific I can help with?"

Diaval nods his head to acknowledge the friends vs. enemies comment. He then says, "Actually, I wanted to say goodbye just in case." A bird cries loudly and Diaval pauses, taking Melina's arm without asking so he can gently pull her with him as he steps aside as a gaggle of urchins run by playing a game of tag or some such. Once the children have passed he immediately releases her arm and says, "Sorry about that," before continuing his previous explanation. "I've been presented a high risk, high reward opportunity that there is a chance I won't survive. Figured I should let people who might notice my absence know ahead of time," he finishes.

Melina frowns "Unfortunately there are many such opportunities to be had these days. These are not safe times by any stretch. will you be traveling alone?"

"As I understand it, the ultimate answer is yes but I'll have company at the start of it and its a challenge I must face on my own," he explains without explaining much of anything.

Melina hms "at least you'll have your feathered friends to look out for you. Handy that."

Diaval shakes his head and says, "They won't be with me. Plus they are on loan from another."

Melina hms. "They could be his then," she muses.

Diaval looks at Melina as they continue walking and asks, "His?"

Melina nods "I know someone who possess such skill with birds. It's why I noticed them so readily. I've become somewhat attuned to looking for them of late."

Diaval shamelessly asks another question, "Anyone I might have heard of?"

Melina hms "Well saying would be a bit like outing someone's spies for that is the function they serve, though i suppose given recent events it's an open secret if ever there was one" yet she's still hedging.

Diaval chuckles and nods. "I guess it would at that," he agrees.

Melina nods "But should the birds belong to the person I'm thinking of, you could want for no better ally in your endeavor. just the kind of thing he would do to take someone new under his erm wing. I think I've just commited a sin according to my house with that pun."

Diaval laughs openly and says, "Well, I wouldn't know about the sin part but I get the pun and I believe that we may be speaking around the same person."

Melina shrugs "Chantris house of which Solaris House is an offshoot is known for their skill with language. I can picture several cousins cringing just now."

"I see," Diaval says, "That explains that then."

Melina hms "If you could be more specific about your endeavor perhaps i could offer my own sort of protection. I have some skill with protective charms, but I need to ward against something specific, fire, poisoning infection"

Diaval shakes his head and says, "I wish I could but I don't know very much about it myself." He ponders a moment, using the excuse of an interesting belt being displayed by a leatherworker to stop and focus on something else briefly. He then says "My… mentor?" he seems to be questioning his word choice, "Suggested that I prepare myself mentally as much as physically for this challenge. I understand that it will open up whole new worlds of opportunity if I survive it."

Melina nods "I wish you best of luck then and hope to see you again with new worlds open before you." She then turns and addresses the birds nearby in a series of twittering sounds which would translate into "Tell the Prince hello yes?"

Diaval smiles as Melina confirms his theory but enigmatically chooses to not explain this. In reaction to her words in Thari he responds, "Thank you. I will have word sent to you if I survive."

Melina then departs.

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