Diaval meets Y'letha in Arden again
Diaval meets Y'letha in Arden again
Location: Somewhere in ARden
Date: June 19th, 2017
Summary: Returning from Shadow for the first time, Diaval finds Y'letha and they converse.
Characters: Diaval and Y'letha
NPCs: none

Previously… on Road to Amber

Diaval, returning by air from a shadow walk, arrives in the sky above Arden and networks with some of the birds in the forest to locate his friend Y'letha. As she was in wolf form and the directions from the birds were non-specific (they'd located a couple of lone she-wolves for him) he approached her cautiously. As she cannot speak in a way he understands in wolf form and he cannot speak like a human in raven form he was unsure he had found her until she changed form.

After he landed and changed forms, the two of them decided to make a fire and gathered some fallen wood for that purpose. Upon their reunion Diaval uses his flint and the small steel blade which is a companion to his kukri to light the fire and the pair settle in as the fire pushes back the dampness and darkness of the night.

<Editor's Note>: This is a continuation of a scene but the log was lost, the above summarizes previous role-play.

"Has anything exciting happened in your life since we first met, Y'letha?" the auburn haired man asks the ebony-locked beauty beside him.

A bit of grass had been cleared away before the sticks piled up in order to make the fire, and some stones were ringed about where the fire would be burning. When the fire was actually lit, it's out of instinct that she moves back a little bit from it. There is a certain amount of wariness as the flames start to lick around the sticks and such. Y'letha can't help that, at the moment — she's still a bit psychologically scarred. The firelight reflects in her pale golden eyes, and she tilts her head a touch to one side as she looks over to him, and then she ducks her chin a touch. "I have a pack-sister now. She and I, we are the only ones who are members of the pack," she says softly, a smile curling at the corners of her lips and her eyes shining.

Diaval smiles softly and says, "That sounds like a very good thing." After a brief pause he adds, "I met another corvid-shifter." He's not pulling back from the fire, although he's sitting safely away from it and holding his hands out towards it to warm them up.

"It is! It is… very difficult, to not be part of a pack, for a wolf," Y'letha says softly, a bit of colour coming to her cheeks. It's only after a few long moments that she actually reaches her hands out to the fire, to warm them. As though she had been waiting to ensure the fire would behave within its circle. She tilts her head to one side. "Oh? There is another?" she asks, curiosity in her voice.

Diaval nods. "Her story is not mine to tell, but we have a lot in common," he says. "Its unlikely I've met your pack mate without you, Y'letha, but incase I do, what is her name?" he asks.

Y'letha raises an eyebrow slightly, and then she gives a small nod. "I understand," she says softly, a small smile coming to her features. She is careful not to touch the fire or any of the burning branches within the pit of fire. "In case you meet her, her name is Sarenwen," she says softly, giving a small nod as her smile readily returns. "She is very kind," she adds.

Diaval nods. "I'm sure she is," he says and then repeats the name so that he can commit it to memory. "In addition to meeting someone like me I connected with my family in Amber and have assayed the Pattern. I apologize if my having withheld the fact that I am descended from royalty offends you," he explains.

"I will try not to scare your friend if I meet her," Y'letha says softly, a smile turning the corners of her lips. Her pale golden eyes blink a little bit as she watches him, and she tilts her head a little to one side. "Assayed the Pattern? I do not understand what you mean," she says, giving a little shake of her head. She tilts her head to one side, and then the other, and then she gives her head a small shake. "It does not offend me that you did not mention this before. I do not have anything against the Royalty of Amber."

"I don't know that she scares easily," Diaval says, "I'm also not sure if she and I are friends. Only because its complicated." He then stares up at the stars though the branches above for a few moments and explains the Pattern by saying, "Beneath Amber Palace is a room with a drawing on the floor. If a member of the royal family walks it they gain powers over Shadow…. if it is walked by someone not of the family or a royal in a weakened condition, they die."

"Oh. Well, not scaring easy is a good thing," she says softly, giving a small nod to him. Then she tilts her head a bit to one side. "Well. Many things are often complicated, it seems. It will sort itself out in time, I'm sure," she adds. She offers him a warm smile, and then takes a moment to look up at the stars above. Lifting her right hand, she lightly brushes a bit of her hair from her face. "And this is what you did, in assaying the Pattern?" Y'letha asks. "It seems… dangerous."

Diaval nods. "It was. But I survived and gained from it," he says, not dismissively of the danger just… acknowledging it as being in the past. "The reward was worth the risk in my opinion," he adds before he picks up a stick by the fire and prods at the burning sticks so as to open them up for more oxygen to reach the inner flames, causing the fire to brighten. When he extracts the stick he was using it is darkened but hadn't actually ignited yet.

"I am thankful that you survived it," Y'letha says, a small smile coming to her features. She turns her gaze to him, watching as he prods at the fire, a thing which makes her scoot just a touch back from it. She doesn't trust the fire. Which is perhaps not surprising at all, given her past. "What does the Pattern do?" she asks softly. And with all the innocence of someone that's never experienced it herself, it would seem.

"Well, for one it opened up my memories," Diaval says a bit wistfully. "It also has given me the ability to travel though Shadow," he adds before asking, "You don't happen to be a cousin of mine do you? In other words, are you a child of Amber royalty also?"

Y'letha tilts her head slightly to one side, and then she gives a shake of her head, her hair whispering against her back. "No, I am no cousin of yours. I am no child of Royalty, either Amber's or otherwise," she says softly. "I am a daughter of the clans of Moonfall and of Shadowdancer," she adds, a smile touching at the corners of her lips. "I am just a Weir," she says, giving a small nod to him.

"Its not like I was raised to be a royal either," Diaval says, further clarifying by adding, "I spent a goodly portion of my life believing I was a raven and being my kidnapper's familiar all at the same time."

Ducking her chin, Y'letha looks down for a lingering moment at his words. Then she looks over to him, her pale golden eyes catching and reflecting the light. "I am sorry, that you had lived so much of your life in such a way. I cannot imagine what it must have been like," she says softly, her brow furrowing a little bit. She doesn't believe there to be anything special about herself.

Diaval shakes his head and stifles a yawn behind a slowly raised hand. "It is what it is," he says a bit dismissively while also smiling to show his thanks for the thoughts. "Do you know anything about magic and magicians?" he asks.

Y'letha tilts her head to one side as she watches him, noticing the yawn from him. And as she gives a little smile, she nods to him. "Indeed, it is what it is," she says softly. She weighs the question he's asked, and then she shakes her head. "I know nothing of magic, or of magicians. Weirmonken is… a land unto itself. It is different," she says softly, a smile coming to her lips.

Diaval nods. "Where I am from magic is relatively common. Not everyone practices it but everyone at least knows someone who does," he says and pauses to fight off another yawn, and again fails. "It was though sorcery that I was made a shapeshifter for example," he adds as he stretches and looks to be considering laying down where he is.

"It is not something I have witnessed at all, in Weirmonken or since coming here," Y'letha says softly. She listens attentively to him as he speaks on it more, and her tongue flits out to damp her lips a bit. A smile touches at the corners of her lips as he yawns again, and her pale golden eyes are bright. "If you have need of sleep… it is all right," she says softly, ducking her chin a little bit. "I did not realize that sorcery could turn someone into a shapeshifter," she adds.

Diaval nods, both on the topic of sleep and on the topic of transformational magic. "My now former master fundamentally changed the nature of what I was into what I am," he explains in a way that is likely not a clear explanation. He then lays down and seems to be trying to make himself comfortable on the hard ground. "I'm sorry but I'm still recovering from the Pattern and traveling Shadow is not a walk in the park either."

"Oh. Well, I suppose that makes sense," she says softly, her brow furrowing a little bit as she considers it. She watches him then as he settles upon the ground, trying to be comfortable, and a small smile comes to her features. "Not to worry. There is no need to apologize, to be sure. I hope that you rest well, and awaken refreshed," she says softly, giving a small nod to him.

Diaval closes his eyes and, as he drifts off to sleep, says, "While gathering wood I asked some birds to check in on us and make sure the fire remained safe." Within moments he has drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, the two have polite but essentially meaningless conversation over a shared breakfast then part company for the time being.

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