Diaval shares baklava with Erin
Diaval shares baklava with Erin
Location: Surya's Coffeehouse in Amber
Date: June 17th, 2017
Summary: Because she was delivery a package to the coffee shop, Diaval gets to share some baklava with Erin.
Characters: Diaval and Erin
NPCs: an unnamed server

As dusk approaches in Amber, Diaval has found his way to Surya's Coffeehouse. Sitting in the deepest corner of the building, he sips at a cup of sweetened coffee flavored with cinnamon with a plate of baklava sitting on the table in front of him. He looks tired, as if he is recovering from some sort of recent ordeal.

Erin enters the place, looks around and makes a way to a server. She hands over a little envelope, then sits on a stool and waits for a response.

A guarded smile briefly passes over Diaval's features before he suppresses it. Only then does he call out, "Erin, good day," to the newly arrived Montevalnan woman as he waves as well to try to get her attention.

Erin's head turns to look towards where she was called from. A smile, and nod as she waves towards the man in the corner, "Diaval."

"Order a drink and join me?" Diaval offers to Erin with the hint of a return smile on his lips which is quickly hidden by him raising his cup to them as he takes another drink of his spiced coffee.

Erin frowns, and nods, she makes a little order, and then heads over to the table, "I don't normally stay long in places like this." She settles down on the chair.

Diaval tilts his head to one side. As he speaks to Erin he waves to get the attention of a server. "Why not Erin?" he asks before the server arrives and he requests a second fork, obviously intending to share his baklava with the woman from Montevalno.

Erin receives some sort of beverage, something that may or may not have been spiked. "Maybe I bore easily. It always seems a place that mainly delves into small talk, which I also find boring." She overs a little bit of a smile.

The fork arrives and Diaval says, "I can see how that would be a problem. I've come to enjoy their baklava is all." He then asks, "What brought you here?" then states, "It seemed like you were delivering a message."

Erin nods, "I was delivering a message, key eye there." She teases. And no more details are forth coming. She sips at her drink, some ice cubes clink around.

Diaval chuckles and takes a bite of baklava then washes it down with some coffee. "So," he starts asking a question, "Tell me more about your world, Erin."

Erin laughs, "The world I live in, or the world I have in my head?" She holds the cup to her lips again.

Shaking his head as he chuckles again, a bit grimly this time, Diaval says, "The world you come from… although if you want to tell me about your secret inner world you are more than welcome, as long as you keep it clear which is which for me."

"In the case of Montevalno, I haven't been there in long enough while to know how the politics and other such nonsense go."

"I don't need to know about the current events," Diaval explains. "But you don't have to tell me more if you don't want to," he adds remembering that she likely has bad memories of the world she grew up in anyway. He nods to the spare fork and says, "Feel free to have some of the baklava, its amazingly good."

Erin reaches over, and takes a bite of it, "Not bad… and I'm sorry I'm not the best conversation… " She shrugs, "As I said, not the best in small talk either."

Diaval openly laughs. "Its not small talk when someone is trying to get information," he explains before asking, "Perhaps you could take me there some time?"

Erin grins, "Maybe I'm not so good at the talking then. Usually its just raciness, or theft, or violence…"

Diaval nods, whether understandingly or in agreement is unclear as his expression is one of guarded neutrality. "Even when I thought I was just a raven and my master's familiar, conversation was important," he explains - dropping some hints about his past as he does. "It is something you may want to work on," he adds.

Erin nods, "I can make an attempt, but the interest also has to be there for that sort of thing, maybe I wont put in that effort. Who knows, either way, I know how to end conversations." Another little laugh.

Diaval nods again and changes subject to one that he figures they both can converse on passably well by asking, "What is your preferred weapon?" before taking another bite of the pastry and sipping at his coffee.

Erin ponders that, "I like knives… daggers, stilettos…" She purses her lips. "Subtle things."

Diaval smirks and says, "You could be my sister with hour similar we are, Erin," implying he also has an affinity for such weapons. "We should compare notes sometime and possibly spar with each other if you'd like," he adds before taking the second to last bite of baklava and pointing at it with his fork to suggest to his companion that she can take it if she wishes.

Erin offers, "I haven't fought in a while, so might be a bit rusty…" She reaches for the last piece, "Anyhow, I should be off." She nibbles on it as she stands and begins to head to the door, "See you soon." She says.

Diaval nods and says, "Until next time, Erin," to the Montevalnan as she departs and before he sips the dredges of coffee from his cup.

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