Diaval visits Melina at Solaris' House
Diaval visits Melina at Solaris' House
Location: Outside House Solaris
Date: July 2nd, 2017
Summary: A brief surprise visit.
Characters: Diaval and Melina
NPCs: A flock of birds with Diaval (consisting of a raven, a couple of crows and a handful of choughs)

Melina is seated on a chair just outside the townhouse. A journal is on her lap, but it's much too dark to write anymore and she's mostly staring into space letting the tea on the small table to her side grow cold

A raven flies into The Close and settles on a branch of one of the sycamore trees growing here. Then another and a pair of crows join the first and finally an equal number of choughs fly into the tree and settles on a branch above the larger corvids. A few moments after the birds are all settled the second raven, the largest of the avians, glides down from the tree to settle on the back of a chair across from Melina. Then it speaks: "Hello, Melina. I haven't been avoiding you, I promise." The voice, only slightly raven-ish, is easily recognized as that of Diaval.

Melina jumps slightly atthe first sight of the birds, but by the time diaval greets her she has recognized what's going on and recovered her senses a bit "I am glad that you are well and that you have come to call. I've been far too much in my own thoughts for my own good just now. What has been keeping you so busy?"

Rather than speaking with his special ability Diaval uses the innate ability of a raven to mimic speech to say, "Exploring," and then hops down onto the chair. With a moment's concentration his form flows and grows as he shifts into his human form, now sitting across from Melina. "And possibly courting," he says briefly and then clarifies with: "But even there I've been mostly away. I have been learning how to use my ability to travel from one world to another, you see."

Melina blinks "You have the blood of the royals, then. It can be quite a challenge I understand though from Dirk's tales and other kin, not from personal experience, but you seem to be settling in alright if you are courting. Who is the lucky individual to recieve your attentions?"

"I doubt you would know her," Diaval assumes and continues by saying, "She doesn't come into the city. She's a weir I met in Arden."

Melina grins "Y'letha is quite the shy one. Tread carefully and maybe you can convine her to in time. I've been reluctant to nudge her lest something happen to confirm her fears. The city at times can be overwhelming and unwelcoming even to the most seasoned traveler. I rember well when I first came here to live, so different from Lyonesse."

Diaval chuckles deeply and then says, "Ah, I am proven wrong almost instantly. You do know her." He nods and says, "Yes, like I said, possibly… because I honestly cannot tell. So, how did you meet, Y'letha and how could you be sure that it was she I was speaking of?"

Melina hms "Well the shyness you spoke of for one. Second there aren't many weir seen about nowadays. there used to be a community in deep arden, but they departed sometime before the rest of us were aware of the trouble as if they had some inkling. I've not yet asked how she came to be where she is. My husband Dirk and stepson Alec are rangers. I chanced to run into her while visiting

"I see," Diaval replies briefly and then sits there pondering things before saying, "So, you mentioned that your thoughts have been keeping you occupied," and follows it up with the most logical question: "What's been on your mind?"

Melina hms "Whether to deliver a friend ill news and what can be done without more harm than I care to do do. I'd rather face the point of a sword than see the trust i've worked to build vanish from their eyes."

<Editor's Note:> Melina had to go due to time constraints so the next lines are based on the quick OOC discussion to cover the end.

A servant comes out of the house and informs Melina there was house business she was required for. She politely disengages from the conversation and departs.

Diaval resumes his raven form and departs as well.

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