Discussion over Omelets
Discussion over Omelets
Location: the kitchen in Chantris Manor
Date: October 3rd 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Iolion and Veronica talk.
Characters: Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: none

It is evening at House Chantris and Veronica is alone in the kitchen — having pulled rank on the staff, especially Chef Maxwell, and cleared it out for her own purposes. She has sent words to Iolion asking him to join her there. When he gets there he will find her whipping up eggs in a bowl with a skillet heated on the stove top. There are blocks of cheese with graters as well as chopped bacon and chives in easy reach of the cooking area.

The sun is down, which means it's time for night owls to take flight; and true enough, Iolion looks chipper enough it's a sure bet he woke up not long ago. He enters the kitchen while holding a large ceramic mug — almost a tankard, really — smelling strongly of coffee. "Good evening!" he greets with, dare it be said, sunniness: to the Abyss with all these late-night types! "Are we sharing breakfast or dinner?"

"Omelets are not just for breakfast," Veronica says in a faux haughty tone quickly quipping, "Mealist," at him with a smirk. "If you aren't interested I don't have to fix one for you," she adds more kindly. She turns to the stove and pours half of the egg mix into the skillet and sets down the bowl down and grabs a flipper to be read for the next step as the eggs begins cooking.

"Have I ever turned down a meal?" he asks in a reasonable tone. "I'm my mother's son, a wall of meat with a tiny little brain attached. If I'm not eating I'm going to wither away to nothing, an evascent little slip of nothing. Extra cheese and sausage, please, vegetarian omelets are an abomination before the Unicorn."

Veronica sets the flipper down after using it to test the texture of the egg and then drops bacon crumbles and chive slices onto half the omelet and grates cheese onto it as well. Using the flipper again she folds it in half and then slides the omelet off onto a plate and hands it to Iolion. "Pour us some wine to go with that please, darling," she says as she begins a second omelet with the rest of the egg mix.

"Wine for breakfast: how thoroughly Mons," Iolion quips as he accepts the plate, then rummages around through the kitchen to find a pair of goblets. Newly armed with the drinking implements, he returns to the table to set down everything. A skewer of a corkscrew later and the bottle is opened. "Do I owe the pleasure of your company to anything save my rapier wit and nearly-fatal sexual energy?"

Veronica laughs and says, "Its dinner, darling," as she prepares another omelet the same way. As she fixes it she continues by saying, "Long term, that's a large ammount of it… tonight specifically, Prudence said something the other day while Giselle was taking her blood that I hadn't heard from you."

"And you claim to be Mother's great-granddaughter, you and your daywalking heresy," he mock-scoffs as wine burbles into the blown-glass goblets. "No wonder you threw in with the Sun Court. And what, praytell, did Prudence say?"

Veronica makes a scoffing noise about the Sun Court. She blows out the flame on the stove top and moves to sit close to Iolion. "Apparently there are 'terms' and 'conditions' for you to gain recognition in the house," she says. "Part of me wants to use our influence to get the sisters - -"referring to the Princesses Deirdre and Florimel, "- - to ask the Regent to name you Lord Iolion Chantris publically and force Talia's high and mighty hand."

"Terms and conditions sounds like I've become some Begman farm implement to be licensed by the season. If so, I'd like to at least be one of those strange threshing machines that tends to randomly subscribe fieldworkers to the Hook-Hand-of-the-Month Club. Did she say anything about what these terms and conditions might be?"

As he talks, he cuts off a chunk of his omelet, spears it with a fork, and holds it up to her lips.

Veronica clears her thought and, using her Collegia training, does a passible Prudence Chantris as she quotes their cousin: "That he make a contribution to the house. The title of Lord or Lady is one of duty as much as it is of privilege." She then breaks character and rolls her eyes. "I commented on the amount of gal Talia has… this with Giselle still present in the garden conservatory." The sarcasm almost seems to drip as she adds, "It was such a lovely ending of my tea…" and finishes by observing, "at least the blood sample had already been given freely."

He does a pretty good job of hiding his feelings, but there's a definite flash of disgust and contempt. "It's nice to have family. Without them, who would let you down?" His voice is perhaps a bit bitter as he reaches for his goblet, taking a hearty gulp. "In other words, the Chantris family isn't even a family. No welcome for the lost sheep, no looking out for one's own blood. It's just about what someone can do for the Powers That Be. Revolting. If that's how she wishes to rule, then it's for the best if I stop this … quixotry I'm locked in."

"There are armed guards outside the library now also," Veronica says. "I still have yet to meet the woman… even after making a dress for her at the behest of Ashby de'Mandrake." She eats a bite of omelet and then says, "I am pondering getting a place of my own in the city…"

He consumes a bite of his omelet in silence, clearly mulling over something. His hunger seems to have vanished, however. "For all my life I've wondered who my father was, what his family was like. Now I've learned his family prefers if I remained distant. Everything about this lost knowledge has been a wash. Perhaps I ought let it be lost."

In an incredibly unladylike fashion, Veronica snorts and then says, "I'd like to find a way to embarrass her and cause our stars to rise at the same time actually."

"And I've little desire to play the political game, given how dysfunctional it is here!" he exclaims. The omelet is pushed away not out of distaste but out of loss of appetite. "Everything about the nobility is diseased, Veronica. Look at the royals, look at the dysfunction of the Court, look at this. It's a dunghill. And I fear for my - - our - - happiness if we decide the best way for us to be happy is to get involved in the stinking muck."

Veronica remains quite while she finishes her omelet. She says, "I know but… the drama calls to me, it's in my blood, darling." She doesn't offer explanation as she starts to gather up dishes and prepare water in a nearby sink to wash them.

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