Fullname: Elijah Windchaser
Alias: Eli, Squirrel, Jerk
Age1: Looks 30 something, old enough to know better, young enough not to care
Features: Dark blonde hair/Hazel eyes
Height: 6"2"
House: House of Gerard / Knight of Corwin
Themesong: "Highway to Hell", AC/DC
Played By: Jensen Ackles
Assignment: Knight of Corwin, Dog House Division
Rank: Knight
Titles: "Hey You!"


Elijah has reflective hazel eyes and an expressive face. His dark blonde hair is cropped short, militia style. He's a little over six feet tall, well built and unrepentantly handsome. He wears a dusky black leather jerkin with silver studs that run up and down the seams, a pair of russet colored pants and black boots with buckles on the side. Underneath the jerkin he wears a black, long sleeved shirt and there are leather bracers on his forearms with silver filigree. He has a couple of daggers, a sword of black metal and two guns in holsters. He also wears a worn, knee-length, dark brown leather coat.

Public History

Started out in Weir where Dad was disappeared by demons as a kid. Found out later, he just went away by trump. Grew up hard (all man) among mostly Weir, hunting things, saving people. Came to Amber following trouble, and has been following trouble since.

He tries to keep Saul out of trouble, but he has a nose for it. Some say the brothers Windchaser are codependent, those are just whiny babies. Family is more than blood.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Corwin
  • Butt kicking

Associates and Connections

  • Saul
  • Corwin, Banyan, Chaos
  • Knights of Chaos


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