Emma Paige Feldane
Fullname: Emma Feldane
Alias: Fireball, Em
Age1: A lady never tells
Features: Red hair, blue eyes, alabaster skin
Height: 5'11"
House: Feldane
Themesong: "Blood On My Name" - The Brothers Bright
Played By: Simone Simons
Assignment: Minister
Rank: Royal Necromancer, Deputy Lady Marshall
Titles: Lady Emma, Countess Aragon


Her skin is alabaster from fair brow to stubborn chin, save for high, patrician cheekbones that hold a hint of rose. Tresses of rich, dark auburn fall to well below her shoulder blades, framing her face in soft waves. Coppery brows are neatly arched above eyes of an icy blue. A hint of shimmering copper is smudged at the base of her lashes, making blue eyes seem all the brighter, while her lips are stained a deep wine. She's tall for a woman, standing an inch short of six feet, her frame slender with an underlying strength.

Public History

Countess Aragon, Deputy Lady Marshall of Amber, Royal Necromancer. Swordswoman, duelist, necromancer and fire mage. Retired Brigadier of the North Fleet Marines. Former Duchess of Karm by marriage. Renowned for her bad luck with men & questionable judgement where they're concerned. Sucker for helpless little creatures. Often scary. Haunts: Feldane Suite, Surya's, Crown & Rose, Mead Hall.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Feldane - Her deceased mother was the sister of Duchess Irene, making Emma and Irene first cousins. Emma is often found in the Feldane Suite at the Royal Palace, though her own home is a cozy townhouse in the city.
  • Duelist - Though she doesn't advertise, Emma has fought a number of duels, both on her own behalf and as a champion for others. She is an accomplished swordswoman, particularly skilled both formal dueling and improvisational, swashbuckling style. She accepts the occasional student, though she has none currently.
  • The Dead and the Undead - Once again the Royal Necromancer, Emma advises the Crown on matters involving the undead and the restless dead. She is a skilled necromancer and takes the Feldane Duty very seriously. She believes it merciful to put the restless dead down. Some will know she's writing an illustrated field guide to haunts. Others will know she's saved a few shadows from zombie apocalypses.
  • Marines - Retired brigadier of Amber's North Marines, Emma was a seasoned and respected officer. She retired due to time constraints with her position with the Chancellor's office and retired with full honors.
  • The Frostmarch - A shadow far-off from Amber, with no obvious paths leading there. She is the Empress of the land, though she is largely a symbolic figurehead there. It is a peaceful land of ice and magic.
  • Fire Mage - It is becoming more commonly known that Emma is skilled in fire magics.
  • Aragon - Emma is the Countess of a small County in the countryside of Amber known as Aragon. Word has it that she won the County in a card game with the former impoverished Count Aragon years ago. Since then, the small county has flourished. It has developed a small niche in the area of bee-keeping, honey production and even a few small, exclusive batches of seasonal mead. Aragon's crest is a bee d'or on a field azur, charged with a single apple flower in crimson and grey, a nod to the Countess's Feldane birth.
  • Moon Court - Emma is known to be a member of Princess Deirdre's Moon Court, and she was once the Mistress of Revels.
  • Dramatic Timing - Emma's generally easy to find, thanks to STY-DT.

Known Associates

  • Lisette - Emma's older sister.
  • Robert - Cousin. Heir to Feldane. Once again looking for someone to marry Emma off to.
  • Maeghan - Emma's first cousin. A bit of an innocent. Emma recently threatened to place a pirate's spirit in Meg's underpants, if Meg didn't take care of herself.
  • Dashton - Another Feldane!
  • Celeste - Former Dragon General of House de'Mandrake, and surprisingly perhaps, one of Emma's closest friends.
  • Gilgamesh - Ex-husband. The two have a strangely amicable relationship. Emma and Gil share custody of Gil's 6 year old daughter, Alexandra (AKA Alex).
  • Corwin - King of Amber. King of Banyan. Close friend. Sometime tenant.
  • Sol - The petite goddess from Kitezh and Emma are known to be friends.
  • Iolion - Another member of the Moon Court Emma is known to associate with.
  • Caine - Emma's commanding officer, Prince Marshall of Amber


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