Erin visits Roni again...
Erin visits Roni again…
Location: Veronica's Suite at Chantris Manor in Amber
Date: September 16th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Erin visits. There's flirting amid discussion of a trip to Fiorra in Montevalno.
Characters: Erin and Veronica
NPCs: none

It's a bit late, a night were the cool is just beginning to show on the air. Erin finds herself drifting over the city to a certain house. She descends, and finds herself at the window. A quick change of shape and shadow and bird becomes woman. She stands, balanced on the sill, one hand on the window frame, as bare feet keep her firmly planted. She is wearing a light airy dress, mostly lace. It's a mix of black and greys and swishes about her knees. The girl crouches a bit, and peeks into the window, looking for any sign of light or life.
Erin has reconnected.

Veronica is found spending the evening in her sitting room in Chantris Manor. Having visited the library after dinner she is occupying a well-padded chair occupying her mind by reading a tome with brass clasps and leather covered boards that is a discourse on libraries of the Golden Circle which - - itself - - occupies her lap. She is so preoccupied by her study of the text of the book that she does not notice the subtle change in airflow the young woman's presence in the window creates.

Erin hops into the room, landing lightly on the floor. She looks around and then stretches lazily. "Tragically, you are wearing more than the last time I found you." She moves around the chair and into view. A smile is worn.

Veronica smiles upon hearing the familiar voice but rather than turning toward her guest she pulls a red ribbon hanging from the book's spine into the book to hold her place and then closes it and sets it on the table next to her chair. She stands then and moves to hug Erin in true Mon fashion as she speaks: "Good evening, Erin. How are you doing?"

Erin returns the hug, leaning into the touch, "I am doing great." She laughs, "The nights are getting cooler… and maybe just maybe, I had a bit to drink."

Veronica frowns slightly and asks, "Do you need a place to stay this winter, Erin?"

Erin thinks about that, "I'm not entirely sure. Depends on how cold it gets." She moves to rest her bottom on the arm of the chair. Slim legs stretch out some. "I'm not out in the elements or anything."

Veronica sits back down in the chair and puts an arm around Erin's waist to help her balance - - even if she doesn't really require it. "Where have you been staying then?" she asks.

Erin rotates some, to turn towards the other woman. Her legs lifted, to now drape across to the other arm of the chair. That dress in danger of offering racy peeks. "There is a place I stay, it used to have a bunch of people there, now no one, and I have a few other haunts… in other abandoned places."

"You need a place that's a better shelter from the elements please let me know," Veronica says, "Either here or with a woman who works in my shop, I can arrange for warmer and more comfortable places to stay, Erin."

Erin nods, "I will, that might be nice… to live in and around places with other people." She looks around, "This place is pretty warm."

Veronica nods. With a smile she says, "Well, we have a lot of books so we try to keep the manor comfortable for them all year long." As she speaks she applies gentle pressure to Erin's lower back, enough to suggest she move from the arm of the chair into her lap but not enough to force her to move.

Erin scoots forward, and lowers herself into the offered lap. The arm though takes a hold of her dress and lifts it away from her as she settles again, now in a more folded angle. "Well, that is important, I just have trivial riches, they don't care what temperature it is." A grin is offered.

Veronica smiles at the young woman grinning in her lap and says, "Paper is very sensitive to temperature and humidity… there's some predators that we have to be concerned with as well of course, but yes… there are valuables that are much less vulnerable." Changing the subject, she then says, "I'm going to be traveling to Fiorra soon, to acquire maps from my best friend's husband's collection… using that key you delivered. You're still interested right?"

Erin shifts again, now rotating on the lap, soon she is straddling the woman, facing her. "That would still be lovely, Fiorra is lovely this time of year." Pause, "I think… its been a while since I visited there."

"It's been years for me also actually," Veronica says. "And… because of that I'll be visiting my grandmother also between stopping in Rebekah's husband's home and following the map I hope to find there."

Erin smiles, "That sounds like a plan, will be travelling all together?" She moves her hands idly. They happen to brush Veronica's maybe causing hands to press to her hips.

"You should know I have a boyfriend also, Erin, and he'll be involved in parts of the trip," Veronica says and then quickly explains, "But like many from Fiorra - - I think Montevalno as a whole - - I'm polyamorous and he knows it. I do, however, believe that you needed to know that at this juncture." She smiles and slowly thrums her fingers on the younger woman's hips to punctuate the statement. "I think I can bring you with me though the library… although I'll have to ask you to wear a blindfold when I take you into the Chantris library as the starting point," she says and then, with a grin, asks, "Are you okay with that, Erin?"

Erin chews on her lip, "Well, as long as he is ok with me sitting across your lap like this." A little grin is offered, slightly playful, "We are good in that regard." She moves her hands as if to straighten her dress, but she only tugs the fabric from under Veronica's touch. Fingers and palms now rest on smooth skin. The dress lays over them again, lazily. "You can hide my eyes whenever you need to."

Veronica slides her hands down closer to Erin's knees and says, "Very good then," as she shakes her head at the young woman's freshness - - not disapprovingly as much as amused in a friendly fashion. She then leans forward and touches their lips together in a brief kiss. "There's no reason to rush anything here, Erin," she says as she moves her arms to embrace her fellow Mon in her lap.

Erin grins, "Sometimes I am a bit racy… " She scoots a bit closer at the kiss, "And I'm not rushing… I'm still wearing my dress." A playful wink is offered. Although one may have suspicions that the dress is the only thing the girl wears.

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