Fullname: IC Full Name
Alias: Van
Age1: 30s
Features: Blond hair / Blue eyes
Height: 6 ft
House: IC bloodlines / affiliations
Themesong: Agony, Chris Pine
Played By: Chris Pine
Assignment: IC position
Rank: IC rank
Titles: ICly addressed as

"Its a game. It all starts with a simple choice. Which side are you on? Right? Wrong? God or no God? Red or black?"


He is tall, handsome in a distracting sort of way, and well-built with sharp blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. His short, thick hair is swept back elegantly from his forehead. He wears dark blue almost black leather pants with bold golden buttons, a lighter blue button down shirt with intricate gold-leaf embroidery and a well-made blue fashionable long doublet of an even lighter shade. The doublet also has elaborate hand stitched gold-work. His boots are comfortable and a slightly darker shade than his pants. Everything about him is immaculate and tasteful.

Public History

Nothing is known about Evander. He arrived with Emmett Colton Dec 13 year 15 CY

Roleplay Hooks

  • Charming (silver-tongue), sincere?
  • Looking for allies in Amber and shadow.
  • There when you need him (dramatic timing).

Associates and Connections


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