House Feldane
"Let Others Rest"
IC Information
IC Leader: Basil Dare, Duke Feldane
Blazon: A grey fleur de lis on a crimson field; three coins in the upper right quadrant are an honor granted by the Crown in recognition of Feldane's long service, providing more exchequers to Amber than any other House.
Description: The banking house, the house of rules lawyers, the city sophisticate bureaucrats. Feldane has had more Exchequers in its history than any other House.
OOC Information
Prop Coordinator(s): Basil with Robert
Prop Number: 7
Prop Wiki/Page: http://rta-feldane.wikidot.com

Belonging to one of the four great houses of Amber, scions of the Duchy of Feldane are known as moneychangers, administrators and necromancers. The current house heads are Duke Basil and Duchess Irene Feldane.


At present, the following information has not been updated to represent the events of the past few years, being a snapshot of things closer to the game's beginning.


Those who are at least somewhat active

  • Basil - Duke Feldane, head of House
  • Cyril - Pathi-raised Feldane cousin.
  • Emma - Countess Aragon
  • Lara - Scion of Chantris and bastard daughter of Robert
  • Lisette - bastard of Feldane; Emma's elder sister
  • Robert - husband of Taleyn; de facto agent-in-chief of the Duchy
  • Sarenwen -
  • Sullivan - Mandrake-Feldane wed to Prince Brand
  • Dashton - one of the caretakers of The Tree and famed gardens; father to Maeghan
  • Maeghan - Scion of Feldane, one of the youngest of the family who live in the city.

Currently inactive

  • Addison - lawyer, and former spare
  • Culver - retired Duke and former Exchequer to the Crown
  • Errol - former heir to the House
  • Fiamme - knight of the House
  • Irene - Duchess Feldane
  • Peabody - devoted manservant
  • Stuart - deceased former heir, now
  • Taleyn - heir, and wife of Robert
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