Find the Minosian
Location: Bloody Charlie's - Amber City
Date: 10/05/2014
Cast: Anjali & Josiah

Find the Minosian

The tide is in, the sun is sinking over the horizon, and the work for the nautical sort has nearly come to an end. Only those with the lowest of jobs, the most physical, would still be loading and unloading cargo. Anyone else who could would already be retired to the various comforts that Amber might offer to them. Though with the Lower City nearly devestated by the recent tidal wave, it's a blood miracle that this piece of shit bar is still standing.

But standing it is, and that's all that Anjali needs. She's heard that this is where Minosians might gather, those that are in town as it were. So she steels herself as much as she needs and comes down from the lofty heights of the upper city. The door opens and the Rebman comes in, wearing her sword at her back. Her robes are unbelted, not a stitch worn beneath, but she's kept decent with the aid of the breeches.

This establishment had no doubt inherited the tenacity of its patrons and a bullheaded refusal to fuck off! Josiah had not been around for all the tidal wave business. He had been, blessedly, luckily, out at sea. Now he is most definitely not, and working on making the world feel more like the rolling swells for his consuate sea legs with a stein in each hand frothing over with cheap grog. He's kicked back in his chair, one boot propped on the table, and he's singing to himself between hicks or burps. "…him down with a long, long roll….and we say so, and we know so…where the sharks'll have have his body…and so we say…and so we kn- " He cuts out there, for a mighty belch that earns him a few cheers from those miscreants nearest him.

Lovely. Anjali scrunches her nose when she lays sight on the chief miscreant and hears the chorus of slurred words and belches. Based on all she knows of Minosians, this guy must be their king. Dirty and unrefined are the type, right? She gets a bottle of wine from the bar while keeping an eye on Josiah - it's a cheap wine, often called Bayle's Piss, but what do you expect here. It leaves as sour a taste in her mouth as the song did her ears. But once she's had a few swallows the Rebman goes to join Josiah, taking a seat at his table unbidden.

Josiah was mid-swallow when Anjali sat down, and he's singing again when he lowers his right hand stein. "…and the devil'll have his soul, poor old man…we say so, we know so…" His head rolls slightly to the side and it's about then that he notices there is someone else at his table. He doesn't miss a beat, barely registering her as a) female, b) Rebman, and c) silly enough to sit at his table before his toothy, stained grin breaks out across his face. "What did the lovely sea wash up for me today, eh?" he asks as he sizes her up. "Come a little closer then, lovie."

Anjali sits sideways in her chair, leaning against the backrest and leaving her sword unhindered if she should need to draw it and teach a ruffian some manners. But when Josiah invites her closer, she only gives him a smile - the best sweet smile she can summon. "Why don't you give a better song and woo me near instead," she challenges him.

"A better song… a better song…" he muses. Far be it for a man like Josiah to not have another song, and another, and another. He drains down the last of the stein he had been working on and sets the empty on the table, and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. He clears his throat, as he sits up, and starts to sing, "I drank sixteen doubles for the price of one, try to find the courage to talk to one, I asked her for to dance…" He claps his hand to his chest when he sings, "Nary a second glance…and my night had just begun… " It sounded like one of those songs with many a line and verse if she did not cut him off. She'd probably learn quick enough not to challenge a Minosian to singing.

It's not until around the fourth verse that Anjali admits something like defeat, and by then she's bought the pirate another round to wet a throat she suspects is being parched. Oh, she comes closer, but it's by scooting her chair around to the side of the table rather than anything else. "Where are you from, sailor?" she asks, voice lilting.

Josiah is bought completely with the new round, and she is relieved of further singing when he collapses back into his chair to nurse his drink. "Sukho," he tells her, and while there were some features about his face that certainly spoke of the islands, a reddish undertone to his sun-baked skin, he was clearly of something else as well. "Have you not heard of Captain Joe Wild, lovie?" he asks her then, brow lifting and waiting for her to stumble into potential insult laid out like a trap.

Lips purse out in thought and Anjali pretends to put some thought to the matter. "Captain Joe Wild," she repeats thet hree words, as if they were the key to unlockbing some memory. "I heard something, I think. He's the one that," here she pauses with a drink of her wine, mind spinning, "stole some lord's pleasure barge and scuttled it going over a waterfall in his escape, wasn't he?" She sighs. "Tragic, that death."

Josiah snorts and slams down his drink. "That is some other captain-" he grunts. Not that he'd never lost a ship before… But going over waterfalls? Rookie mistake! "I've only ever lost my ships to cannon fire and sea beasts," he tells her, leaning forward and winding an arm up in serpentine shapes between them when he adds, "The likes of kraken and squid what reach from here to the horizon."

The Rebman puts on an expression of suitable impressment. "Sea beasts from here to the horizon, you say. That sounds quite dangerous." She does lean forward now, but she keeps from getting too close to the man. "I did not realize the Sukhoti had captains with such big… adventures."

"Aye they are, lovie," he assures he as he sits back once more, slouching into his seat one more and sprawling his legs out beneath it. "Swallow a ship's crew in one great bite," he tells her as his hand snatches a fistful of air between them and shakes it about. "They do not usually," he admits when he drops his hand and his arm to hang over the back of his own chair. "But those with Minosian Pirate blood in their veins find it hard to to resist the pull away from the Islands."

"Ah, that would explain it then, wouldn't it?" The Rebman gives the pirate a rather studious once-over, from head to toe. Maybe she counts the scars. "And where is your adventure now, Captain Wild?" the lady asks. "For this bar seems to have only drink."

"Aye, it might," Josiah mumbles into his stein, as he raises it again. There are some damp spots on his shirt, layers of spill in various stages of drying, that speak to a long, long night of this. It's a wonder he could hold his head up at all. "Now… Now my adventure is with trying to figure out why this pretty little lass what has no business shuffling around a spittoon like this is doing sitting 'crossways from me asking after the likes of me."

"Ooh, now that is a question, isn't it?" Anjali says, leaning back a little. She makes a mental note that he's perhaps more functioning than he shoul dbe given her little observance of him. "I'm looking for someone," she states. "But it has to be the right someone. The right skills, the right fortitude."

"No, no I do not think it was a question," Josiah chuckles with a grin. "Just ah observation of what is now, But if you're willing to supply the answer none the less - " Josiah makes to take another drink, only to find the vessel empty again already, so he tosses it to the table, letting it roll along, paying no mind whether it rolls clear across and off the other side. (It doesn't, handles being the helpful things they are.) "I imagine there is only so many sets of skills to be found here, lovie, and not many of them come tied up in blokes what play at guessing games."

There's a shrug from Anjali's slender shoulders. "You can't blame a girl for having a bit of fun." She shifts, reaching one hand into a pocket of her robe and coming out with a scrap of paper. It's a rubbing of an engraving, charcoal on thin parchment, that leaves the impression of Minosian mystical marks clear enough to read. They are marks like one might use when utilizing a Compass and a Charter to sail shadow. Of course, what Anjali has rubbed out is not complete, a few marks and little more. "Do you recognize these, Captain Wild?" is asked as the scrap is pushed over the table towards the man.

"Can't I? Would you fault me for having a bit of fun if I reached over there…and just…" He's teasing her, his tone too jovial to match the phrasing really, and his hand reaches out toward her to make a groping gesture several inches off of her chest - but then she's pulling out the bit of parchment with the rubbing and his interest is caught and piqued. Of course it is - things like this inevitably lead to treasure. It's practically a law of physics. He almost looks to sober up a bit when he takes the parchment and sits back with it, glancing over the far from finished markings, then looking over the parchment toward Anjali with a slight narrowing of his eyes. "Now where'd you find this, lovie?"

Anjali doesn't bother telling Josiah that the two things are not at all the same - her game of questions and his attempting groping. Instead she lets him get wrapped up in the scrap of paper she's handed over. "Many treasures have washed up beneath the sea," she answers. "I got this off of one of them."

Josiah scratches idly at his jaw while he glances again over the would-be charter. "Then you have the rest of this?" he asks curiously, dare it be said, hopefully. "Because this bit here, it will not get you anywhere…"

"I have the rest of what this came from," Anjali says. "But I am not the kind to bring it here. Who knows what might befall me if I carried such a treasure." If treasure it really is. "If I had the rest, Captain Wild, does that get me somewhere?" She smiles.

Josiah sits back after laying the parchment on the table. He taps the parchment under his fingertip and tells her, "If you have the rest of this, you are halfway there. The rest of this, and the right man, and a tidy sum, should get you the rest of the way…But you know that, yea? Looking for yourself a Captain to go sailing after whatever this leads to?"

"How tidy of a sum?" Anjali asks. She knew well enough she wasn't likely to find anyone to go sailing to who know where for the love of adventure. She's practical enough to understand a ship needs supplies, a crew needs paid. "And I guess the even bigger question, Captain Wild, is are you the man who can get there."

"Well that depends on what the rest of this here charter says don't it?" he chuckles as he draws his hand back and laces his fingers together like a hammock to hold up the back of his head. "How far out we gotta go, and whats at the other end, we'll call it a set fee for the journey, and a percentage of the haul, can tell you what both of those numbers would be when I know better where you're wanting us to take you." The latter question, that one makes him laugh as he tells her, "Lovie, I can damn near gaurantee you that I can get you there…it is usually the getting back part that is trouble when it comes to treasure. There is always someone who don't want to be parting with it."

"And I think I'd want to see the condition of your crew and ship before I shared the rest of what I have, Captain Wild," Anjali admits freely. "To make sure that you can take on such a journey without me worrying about being shanghaid somewhere after you get my money."

Josiah clasps his hand to his chest once more, though this time it is in the fashion of being wounded, though his grin remains in tact, drawn up so far the corners of his eyes wrinkle. "I can't believe you would think such a thing…It's like you've done business with Minosians before," he laughs. When his hand returns to the back of his head, he asks, "What name do you do business by? I can't imagine you'll be signing a contract by lovie."

"No, most likely not. No contract that would be taken seriously." Anjali finishes off her glass of wine. "Anjali," is offered without any kind of embellishment in the form of titles or sobriquets.

"Anjali," Josiah rolls off of his tongue. "Has a nice sound about it, rolls real nice on the tongue." Is he hitting on her? Totally. Should it be taken seriously or even properly acknowledged, probably not.

And yet she glances towards his mouth, like she might see his tongue. One day, the young Rebman will learn. "There may be no treasure at the end of this, Captain Wild. It may be a place only, for my goal is not to plunder but to return something that was taken."

Josiah's tongue had spent just a moment curled up against the back of his teeth, before he's distracted by the idea of no extra booty. Josiah shrugs a shoulder and taps the parchment. "That is what the flat fee is for, and at the least, I'll have this to add to me charter, and the chance to update a few things along the way," he tells her. And really, a unique piece of the greater map no other Captain had? He might have taken the job just for that…not that he'd ever admit it. "If there is more, there is more, if there is not, there is still profit for me. I am happy either way, just a little more happy if there is extra. What is it that you are returning?"

Anjali looks thoughtful for entirely too long. Finally, "I have in my possession a bell, upon which are inscribed markings such as those I have shown you." Whatever they happen to be; that isn't her brand of magic. "It is a bell upon which I have been burdened with returning to wence it came. It is my hope, Captain Wild, that wence it came is found at the other end of whatever that writing tells you. At the very least, the end of your mission would be then."

Josiah quirks a brow, curiosity piqued a little futher when she mentions a bell. He didn't know anything particular, but bells had some small significance to sailors in and of themselves. "Well then, I will gather my crew, and have you to the docks in a fortnight to see for yourself that they and our jolly ship are both seaworthy, Anjali, for your better peace of mind," he tells her, before adding, "And it is Captain Joe Wild…Wild is not a surname."

"Such an unwieldly set of syllables," Anjali half-heartedly complains. "Very well, a fortnight and I will inspect the ship. If it suits, I will show you the bel and we can arrange the rest of the price."

Josiah claps his hands together as he sits up. "That is settled then. Drinks." Because of course drinks. He flags down the nearest bar wench and soon has ale by the jug on its way.

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