Following Fate's Leading
Following Fate's Leading
Location: Albion
Date: 21 Sep 17
Summary: Constantine rides in Albion and encounters Aurora. The two discuss omens, and with her leading he goes to the shore to row a boat into the mist.
Characters: Constantine, [[[Aurora]
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It's not usual to see a Knight of Brentinor in Albion, much less one riding away from Castle Albion itself. This is Black Knight country, after all, and Queen Igraine is not known for her tolerance. All the same, Sir Constantine is here, and riding as casually. Or he would be casual, were it not for the concerned expression. Ever since the vision of Aegrin, he's been troubled. And so he sets out seeking knowledge.

Aurora paces along the road accompanied by a Custos (noted by their golden dragon blade) and a few armsmen of Wealde-a duchy in Igraine's kingdom. She pauses and peers at him through her transparent veil, "You know most are /relieved/ when they find their path why do you look so troubled?"

Constantine pulls his horse up to a slow walk at the sight of the lady and her escorts. "Just because I know the road I am travelling does not mean that I know my *path*, Lady." he replies, a smile touching his lips. "I am Sir Constantine Greenfield, of Brentinor. Tell me, pray, are you acquainted with the mad wizard Aegrin? Or at least stories of him?"

Aurora blink-blink-blinks, "REALLY? I had /wondered/ where he went. Well. Besides supposedly dead of course but creatures like Aegrin never truely perish. I have heard tales in passing but cannot say I've any great knowledge of the mage." she cocks an eyebrow, "THAT isn't the question you want answered is it?"

Okay, so now she has his full attention. "Never truely perish…?" he echoes thoughtfully. "But no, that isn't the question. He came to me in a vision, muttering mad things about saving Albion and finding the Black Knight. And I can't get the damned dreams from my head, but I don't know where to go."

Aurora ahhhhs, "You will need to make a sacrifice to find the way-and I imagine he told you what you must give up to see." Why is it ALL mages are fluent in jibberish?! She pauses, watches, sees he doesn't get it and then rolls her mismatched eyes in exasperation and clarifies, "Once you have met the condition he provided go to Albion's sea and sail into the mist others avoid…" She looks down and there's a stale grief, "The very waters that took my husband…" she shakes her head and looks up, "But you-you will make it. First you will hear something moving in the water and then you will see it is the water moving against land and there you will find what you seek."

Constantine squints when she starts with the jibberish, pursing his lips as well. "Well I think I've met the condition. Did you say I should sail into the mist?" Blue eyes light up, as if something connects somehow. "I am no sailor, but the waters around Lyonesse are beset with mists. I should ride to the Coast."

Aurora dips her chin, "That would be in the correct direction, yes. What you seek is not accesable by horse." A pause. "Well. Most horses anyway."

Constantine draws the reins around, turning his horse while he replies. "Do you wish to accompany me, Lady, or are you on another errand?"

Aurora lifts an eyebrow, "You want me to journey with you across monster infested water to a fobidden island where your just reward awaits?"

Constantine chuckles softly. "Actually, I was thinking that a witness waiting on shore for my return would be of some comfort. At least that way if I do NOT return, you can notify the Knights at Castle Albion."

Aurora purses her lips, "I spent three years waiting at the shore for someone to return. I suppose I could wait another few days…"

Constantine dismounts and walks the horse, rather than causing the Lady and her entourage to rush to keep up. "You spent three years? You must have loved your husband very much." he replies. The road leading to the sea is cut well, smooth and even.

Aurora waves off her entourage and inspire of their protest she follows along in long strides, not easily tired as one might expect from a dainty flower, "I did. I thought I can save him-but one cannot thwart fate."

Constantine tilts his head at that. "Is that what you believe THIS is, Milady? Fate? I'd honestly thought Aegrin to be dead, then he invaded my dreams. Will it be my fate to drown in the dark waters, or am I destined for something else? I suppose we'll only truly find out if I follow the path." The path does, indeed, lead down to the shore. Not a proper dock or harbor, but simply a sandy shore. And there is a small boat there, bearing a set of oars. Coincidence? Fate, perhaps?

Aurora lifts an eyebrow and looks up, "There are two scenarios. One the spirit of a dead mage visited and you are talking to one who happened to find you and has given you unsolicited advice. You are either insane or fate has chosen you. I would not counter that argument." she lifts up the hem of her skirt and follows, "May I ask you what the toll was?"

Constantine chuckles softly as they step onto the sands. He passes the reins to the Lady without hesitation. "After the mad wizard rambled in his vision, I was surrounded by a hoarde, each who bore my own likeness. I had to kill myself, over and over and over again. After replaying his words in my mind, the symbolism was intentional. To take up the cause of the Black Knight is to deny one's self." He steps closer to the boat. "Do not wait more than a sunset and a sunrise for me."

Aurora lifts an eyebrow, "It won't be that easy as facing your demons, but good luck." She plucks out a joint from behind her ear and lights it before smiling at the horse, "why hello…"

Leaving the Lady to get acquainted with his horse, Constantine pushes the boat out into the water and climbs in. Finding the oars, he starts to row. Setting out in no particular direction, he trusts to Fate as he rows into the mist. As he begins to disappear he calls out. "I'll call out to you, so you know where I am."

Aurora snorts and murmurs softly, "Should I tell him fog scatters sound or do you want to?" she tilts her head and studies the horse and nods, "You're right, it'll be more impactful if he figures it out for himself."

Oars lap softly against the water, the wooden hull of the boat creaking as he moves. His voice calls out from the mist after some time, faint yet audible. "I can hear it… water against the shore. Yes, there's an island." If her hearing was sharp she'd hear the hull against the rocks.

It's quite some time before she hears anything other than muffled calls from the mist, the distance being too great. Perhaps a couple hours later the boat emerges from the fog, with Constantine pulling at the oars. He went over wearing a simple tunic, but now he wears black armor. Except for the helm. The boat is pulled ashore, hull scraping the sand, and then he climbs out. His face is flush with excitement, grinning almost boyishly.

"It was there, just like you said! A rocky island, with enough of a shore to pull the boat in. It was small, and didn't take me long to find the tomb. The armor was easy to remove, but the helm was missing. And it fits perfectly."

Aurora is sprawled out on the shore and starts when he arrives on short, a bit disshevelled and clearly drunk, high or both, "Well. Of course it was." She mutters with mild exasperation.

Constantine walks ashore, splashing up to her with an amused look. He crouches as much as the armor permits. "I *thought* I had a wineskin in my saddlebag." he remarks dryly. "My thanks, Lady. And I know what I need to do next. I must seek the Helm of Night."

He did, and it's drained. She looks at him and sniffs, "Your horse is still here….I think…" the horse is nearby grazing but more because it likes the salty grass and less because anything Aurora did.

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