Fullname: Gilgamesh Jackson Karm
Alias: Gil
Age1: IC age
Features: Blue eyes, brown hair
Height: 7' tall
House: Karm
Themesong: none
Played By: Brendan Fraser
Assignment: Duke Karm
Rank: Duke
Titles: His Grace


Rich brown bangs are longer than the rest of the short form cut, bringing to mind the classic look of flyboys throughout shadow. The tanned face is rectangular and on the cuter side of rugged, a effect caused by a combination of the perpetual quirk in the brows above the bright blue eyes, as well as a viper-esque narrowing of what really should have been a lantern jaw. The nose is straight, the lips a bit expressive, and the neck thick as a bull's. He's a classic A-frame…broad shoulders, narrow hips…with layers of lithe, functional muscle. It's a good form for an average sized man, but when you put it on someone approaching seven feet, it makes him a bit of a giant.

Public History

Big guy, but that's likely due to being Gerard's son. Story goes that after Gerard wrestled a river back into position to cure a drought in Tanus, the resulting celebration produced a bouncing baby Gilgamesh.
Duke of Karm, Prince of the Realm, ex-Commander of the Hounds, Gate Keeper, monster hunter, flirt, straight talker. Friend to Weirmonken and Minos through his father, and Kitzeh through his daughter Alexandra (through a Kitzeh goddess). Recently divorced from Emma Feldane, though it's all very amicable.



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