Fullname: Ginovanni B. Casanova
Alias: Gino
Age1: Over 100
Features: Blonde / Green
Height: 6'
House: Dybele/Sun Court
Themesong: "Flash of Blade", Iron Maiden
Played By: Cary Elwes
Assignment: Commander in the Royal Marines
Rank: Lord Commander
Titles: Lord Ginnovanni Cassanova


Your gaze settles upon a man of some stature and height. Standing at about 6 foot in height there is a rakishness about him. Dirty blonde hair pulled back into a sleek braid tied off with a leather strip with silver aglets. Strong angular features show high cheek bones and a strong jaw line. Piercing green eyes dance with a hint if mischief and merriment seeming to always be looking for the next adventure. His lips often form a half smile contributing to the cat that swallowed the canary expression.

Style and flair declares his attire with a puffy sleeved silk tunic party colored red and white. The neckline a deep V with lacings loosely worked through the eyelets to show off a bit of muscular chest left untied at the black worked neckline. Overtop the silk tunic a black velvet doublet hugs against his form. The doublet quilted with silver threads in a swirling pattern. Around his neck you can see a braided leather chord holding a medallion of a rampant unicorn in raised relief against the background of trees on an oval shaped medallion, done in silver or pewter.

His pants constructed of supple white doe skin, joined in the front with a white cod piece, cut outs in the cod piece show glimpses of red silk to match that of the tunic purposefully peaking out. Black riding boots rise up to his knees completing the ensemble. A wide black leather belt accentuated with silver placards is slung about his waist. The leather belt home to a rapier and main gauche. The adornment of the matched set done in silver scroll work polished to a glistening sheen.

Public History

Gino is the fair haired son of Flora, born during a brief marriage to the infamous G. Casanova while she was on Earth keeping track of Corwin. Gino has had little exposure to courtly life in Amber having spent nearly his entire adult life seeing to Flora's interests in Shadow. He is a gentleman of the old world style, raised in Paris in the 1700's on earth. Gino has a taste for the finer things. A recent mishap has him acting a little off, and even though walking the pattern recently restored his memory, he still has a few holes that he is trying to work through

Roleplay Hooks

  • Montevalno
  • Adventure
  • Shadow
  • The Pattern
  • Fencing
  • Royal Family
  • Amber
  • Cult of Dybele

Associates and Connections

  • Flora
  • Lizzie
  • Antonio
  • Syeira
  • Brice


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