Fullname: Just Giselle
Alias: None
Age1: ~300
Features: Insanely long bright red hair, usually braided.
Height: 5' 7"
House: Redhead
Themesong: None
Played By: Amy Adams/Enchanted
Assignment: None
Rank: None
Titles: None


This young woman's attractive face looks entirely uncluttered by cares. It's framed by what could be called a freakish amount of bright red hair that's been twisted and turned into thick braids that rope around several times in a complicated weave. Even braided, it hangs to her knees. Here and there in it all are visible gold combs, and perched smartly atop her head is a very, very miniature pea green bowler adorned with a peacock feather and a cluster of pretty beads. It looks held in place with hairpins. Her nose and cheeks have a few freckles, but not nearly as many as one might assume for how fair she is, and her expression and emerald green eyes suggest mischief. She's tallish at 5'7", has a very slender build, and moves like a dancer.

Her dress is aquamarine edged and sashed with gold. It laces up the front, ending in a scoop neck that isn't so low as to be immodest. Her long sleeves tie at the wrists. The skirt ends at mid-calf and is designed to flair quite a bit. Gold earrings set with a variety of blue and green gems hang to her shoulders, matching a necklace made up of many gold strands each also set with gems. On her fingers are more colorful gems set in gold, and on her right wrist is a sapphire and gold bracelet. On her feet are dark blue leather boots that meet the hem of her skirt. Hanging from her waist is a very long, thin knife in a sheath, and on the other side a dark blue pouch.

Public History

Giselle isn't new to Amber, but before her return she hadn't been seen in over two and a half centuries. Before then, she was only around for about thirty years. Those that knew her back then might remember that she was a problem child, and one of Bleys'. She is also known and very recognizable for having ridiculously long hair, and those in or around Pathi almost three centuries ago might remember that she was kicked out before completing her training there.

Connections and Associates

  • Ethan - Giselle's older brother and Custos.
  • Kincaid - Very favorite cousin.
  • Dirk - Cousin and dear friend. Weird hair fetish.
  • Mercier - He has nothing but honorable intentions…. is Ethan gone yet?
  • Brand -
  • Sullivan - Friend from back when.
  • Random -
  • Bleys - Her father. It's complicated. Best not to ask.
  • Caius - Fun-loving playmate.
  • Carmichal - Fun-loving playmate's ex-husband.
  • Murdoc - Pirate. Ethan does NOT approve.

RP Hooks

  • Drinking!- Giselle spends a LOT of time in bars. Even when she's not in a bar, chances are she has a bottle or flask of something or other with her. When she's on the beach, she usually has many bottles in her cache and is more than happy to share.
  • Partying! -
  • Occasionally Helpful - Sometimes Giselle pulls herself out of the bottle long enough to do useful things, as she did during and after the wave that recently flooded the lower city.
  • Earth - Giselle is becoming known as an Earth mage who might be willing to do related jobs.


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