Fullname: Iolion of Amber
Alias: Faris al-Farik (how he is known in Souk)
Age1: 60
Features: Dark hair and green eyes
Height: 6'5"
House: Blood of Chantris
Blood of Oberon
Themesong: "Running Up That Hill" by Faith And The Muse
Played By: Eduardo Verástegui
Assignment: none at this time
Rank: Lord
Titles: Lord


Tall, lean, dark of hair and green of eyes: that's this man in a nutshell, and yet it misses almost everything that deserves to be mentioned. Let's start with the way he gives the impression he ought be performing on a stage. Marquee good looks and a ready smile go a long way towards this, but it's the way he carries himself which really sells it: he moves not with the efficiency of a soldier or the grace of a dancer, but the purposefulness of an actor who has refined every motion into its own form of communication. His hair is the sort of thing so dark and thick that even cut close it gives the illusion of depth, with eyes the green of empty wine bottles catching the last rays of a summer day.

His attire is fairly conventional for Amber, with trousers and shirt of sable against argent lacings, buttons, piping. Over top he wears a leather coat, well-maintained, its cut and style hinting he's had it for long enough that it's beginning to come back into fashion. His trousers are neatly bloused into riding boots lightly spattered with mud from the streets. A battered leather satchel is his ever-present companion, and beneath his coat can occasionally be seen a pair of well-made daggers. On the lapel of his coat he sports a pin of a comet crossing a crescent moon, done entirely in silver and kept well-polished.

Public History

Largely unknown in Amber, Deirdre's son Iolion has only ever made brief and infrequent visits to the Jewel of Kolvir. Recently he's become a full-time resident, but his purpose in doing so is unknown.

His colors are black and silver, and his device is a comet crossing before a crescent moon.

  • He's well-read in a variety of literature
  • He's relaxed about etiquette
  • Fond of good daggers, but keeps losing them
  • Capable of intrepidity, prefers prudence
  • Deirdre hasn't revealed his father

Note: He has near-Sherlockian powers of observation and deduction. I vastly prefer to keep this voluntary, not challenged-and-compared. If there's something interesting which a talented observer might glean from your character, and you think it might make for good scenage, please feel free (but not obliged!) to page me. Thanks!

Roleplay Hooks

  • Philosophy
  • Pattern
  • Magic
  • Trump
  • Shadow
  • Deirdre
  • Rare Books

Associates and Connections


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