Fullname: Isobel Gaeth
Alias: none
Age1: looks 18
Features: Long wavy red hair, bright blue-hazel eyes flecked with green and brown, freckles
Height: 5'5"
House: Blood of Oberon
Blood of Pathi
Themesong: I'm like a bird by Nelly Furtado
Played By: unknown
Assignment: unknown
Rank: unknown
Titles: Lady


Isabel is a young woman of average height and a slim build. Her body that of a dancer, long elegant lines and a strength beneath the softness of her flesh. Her waist length curly red hair is oft coiled up upon her head in some fanciful arrangement. Bright hazel eyes peek out from beneath delicately arched brows. Blue orbs flecked with green and brown and oft showing a hint of amusement as if she is laughing inside at her own private joke. Her slender lips are often tipped in a soft little smile. Across her cheeks and nose are a smattering of freckles.

What she is wearing will depend on the occasion. Ivories, coral, greens and reds are among the palette she does choose for her garments. Colors that accentuate her skin, hair, and eyes, bringing those attributes out to their brightest.

Public History

She came to Amber as an amnesiac, coming into Arden in a burst of winds that felled trees in her wake. Such brought her to the attention of the Prince of the Forest, Julian, and since her arrival she has worked to repair the damage and learn more of her past. Vael found her when she came through and directed her to the Rose and Crown to be tended to. Lord Sullivan was found to examine her and has paid for her stay in the inn as she worked to recover her memory. It was determined she was Granddaughter of Brand. Whatever held in her past has made her shy of crowds and strangers though this is something she is working on. She seemed quite close with Sullivan and Brand until she walked the pattern, then moved out of their suites to claim suites of her own.

Roleplay Hooks

  • She has the look of a Pathi with some familial features similar to Brand's line
  • She is an Elemental Wind Mage, Avian Empath and shapeshifter to a red falcon form.
  • Won't eat birds
  • She hears dead people (on the wind)
  • She is a Wingleader of the Amber Flying Corp

Associates and Connections

  • Prince Brand: Grandfather and murderer of her family (At least that is what she believed)
  • Lord Sullivan Fitz-Mandrake Ap'Brandson: The second 'person' she met. He examined her and arranged for her room and board to be taken care of.
  • Vael: Creature of the forest who found Isobel and helped her find her way out of the forest.
  • Carmichael: She has grown in friendship with Carmichael due to some shared interest and familial ties. He helped her prepare for the pattern walking.
  • Caius: Carmichael's partner and purveyor of fashions and style of advice
  • Prince Julian: Great Uncle who is quite upset about her little blowout in the forest.
  • Dirk: Favorite kitty


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