Iynx (NPC)
Fullname: Iynx
Alias: none
Age1: 3 years
Features: A miniature gryphon
Height: the size of a house cat
House: -
Themesong: none
Played By: not applicable
Assignment: -
Rank: -
Titles: -


Iynx is a female miniature eagle-feline gryphon about the size of house cat. She is twenty inches long from beak to the base of her thirteen inch long tail and stands ten inches tall at the shoulder; when her wings are fully spread they have a span of just a bit more than three feet. Her coloration matches that of an African lion and a golden eagle.

Public History

Iynx is a wild animal (a member of a species known as Mini-Gryphons) which Rian has found at the prompting of Keir (his animal companion who is also a mini-gryphon). While she is wild and technically untrained, he used his Pattern abilities to find an animal who would be willing to be Keir's mate and would also be favorable to working with Rian. She takes directions from Rian and will defers to Keir in matters of tactics and strategy in matters of men despite the females typically being dominant in their species. She is a relatively intelligent animal with the ability to manipulate objects with her dexterous fore claws.

Associates and Connections


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