Fullname: Jahan Ara Illustrious First Daughter of Jibril al'Rashid of P'Athna & Tully Gozar
Alias: {$alias}
Age1: 300
Features: Black hair / Green-Hazel eyes
Height: 5'8"
House: IC bloodlines / affiliations
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Cyrine Abdel Nour
Assignment: IC position
Rank: IC rank
Titles: ICly addressed as

Jahara is a woman of approximately five feet eight inches in height and a slender build. Her skin is a warm sun on the sand complexion, smooth without age blemishes. If one were guessing, they might place her to be thirty, younger when she smiles and a good deal older in the eyes. Thick and difficult to control, long black hair falls in natural curls falling long. Full cheeks found her face, her eyes are large and green fringed with black lashes and kohl. A smile is transformative, making her light up with a natural charm that captures and makes shine a resemblance to her father. She wears native Alhambran clothing with a hood that only partially covers her face and hair, the color of her fabric is black and gold.

Public History

Modeled after the story her father told of his own origin story)):

"Know then, that there was a man who was almost, at least, he was becoming a powerful Sheik of an Oasis in the great sand sea of Alhambra. He took to wife a great land, a beautiful lady builder of Gozar from the land of Amber. This happened when he traveled to majestic and foreign city of Amber to build his Manse there. Her name was that of a flower, though she went by humble Tully. With her the Sheik had had a talented and energetic daughter by the name of Jahan Ara named for "Adorning the World". She was the first daughter, a dark haired beauty destined to cause trouble for her mother and father.
But time passes, many sands fell through the hour glass. The Sheik collected many more spouses and honorifics and the lady of Gozar was more reluctant to share him as the years passed. She and her child returned to Amber for longer and longer spells of time. The first trip was a mere year, the second trip lasted, three and such things continued, until, the days were numbered on the pages of the perfection of that specific marriage. The friendship endured, as the Sheik was one to treat all people honorably and fairly and to enjoy lively and spirited conversations even after the first blossoms had worn off the passion.

Jahara is the product of both of her parents, she has matured in a strong and mature woman. She has returned to Amber for personal reasons and to learn more about the secrets of stone masonry but her heart belongs to the sand, stars and the cool relief of the oasis of Alhambra.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Stonemason, learning the skills of house Gozar. She has a strong foundation in basic building, but would love to learn more of the secrets of the house.
  • Daughter of P'athna and the Stars and Sands of Alhambra. She chose to live in Alhambra over Amber because that's where she felt her heart lie.
  • She has recently arrived in Amber with her father's retinue and her two youngest children after personal tragedy in Alhambra, she swears she'll return but needs time to plan and learn more of her mixed heritage.
  • Unsoiled, she is very neat and tidy for a master builder. Also, scandal doesn't stick to her making it more difficult to figure out exactly what the problem was/is that she is avoiding in Alhambra.

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