Fullname: Josiah Rivers
Alias: Joe, Wild, Joe Wild, Ass, Git, Foolheaded Shit-for-Brains Barnacle Sucking Bilge Rat
Age1: Late Thirties
Features: Dark Mohawk, Dark Eyes, Prominant Scars, Sun-Baked
Height: 6'1
House: Minos & Sukho
Themesong: -
Played By: Vaas
Assignment: Manning the Rum
Rank: Captain
Titles: Captain Joe Wild

The Man


Josiah is an irreverent bastard of a man, a drunk and a scoundrel, and it is only by sheer, uncanny luck that the man is still alive. He would call himself a privateer, rather than a pirate, if one were inclined to believe there were really much distinction between the two. He is born to both Minosian and Sukho blood, his father a very successful pirate in his own right by the name of Bloody Rivers, and his mother a Sukho woman named only Ki that the pirate took a liking to.

Captain Joe Wild, as Josiah will usually go by, can almost never be found out of reach of the smell of the salt water. He is quick to fight - though rarely in anger, it appears to just be sport to the man - quick to drink, and quick to bed. He is always looking for a new job to keep the coffers and mugs full. When it comes to getting a job done, any wild, hair-brained idea goes.

He lost his ship, the Ebon Star,in a tango with three other Sea Kings of Minos. All four vessels involved were lost. He may have pissed some people off. After that, he sailed with Captain Bloodwhiskers. She would haved liked him to take her more seriously. His role on the ship appeared to be patsy and scapegoat. It's unclear whether he was aware of this fact, or if he just didn't care. Either way, it came to an end when Josiah saved money enough to 'obtain' a new ship - The Grim Fate - and hire a new crew.

Now, he is sailing under his own colors once more, doing things his own crazy way.


Minos, Sukho, Treasue, Maps, Sea Monsters, Scrimshaw, Ships, Drinking, Brothels, Drinking, Brawling, Rowdy Friends, Tattoos, Drinking, Women, Drinking, Bawdy Shanties, Bum Leg, Maritime Mayhem

The Mug

Wild eyes and wild grins; Captain Joe Wild is well named.

He stands at a commanding height, somewhere just on the far side of six feet. His skin is sun bronzed and weather-worn, scattered with scars, and shows the years spent on the sea on his hide and in his hands. His build is a sturdy one, but it does not give up agility for strength, leaving his lines long and lean rather than bulked out. His eyes are dark things, wide on the world with the left brow cut across by a deep scar. He goes roughly shaven more often than not, with much bristle and shadow left behind. His head is shaved down the sides leaving one dark unkempt mohawk down the middle of his skull.

He wears island trinkets, plugs of teak wood in his ears, necklaces of shells or glass baubles, bands of cloth tied around his arms, and simple clothes of many pockets and straps from which the small handles of knives are usually visible.


Known Associates



  • Kestrel - Captain Sand in Her Craw


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