Fullname: Kalibrae
Alias: Lady Spider, Crystalkeeper, Orphan Queen (all in Kreiator)
Age1: 13
Features: Golden-Blonde / Grey eyes
Height: 5'2"
House: Unknown
Themesong: "Play With Me", Extreme
Played By: {$actor}
Assignment: None
Rank: None in Amber, Lady in Kreiator
Titles: None in Amber, Lady in Kreiator


A quirky impish smile brightening blue-grey eyes offers a disarming sense of youthful playfulness. However, the rounded face with large, wide eyes had a soulful sadness that undercut the oddly innocent naivete. The golden blonde's form was blossoming well into womanhood revealing the beginnings of the womanly form that was an inspiration of warriors and poets alike.

Public History

Stepping out of the crystalline veins in one of the salt mines of Alhambra, she asked the miners, "Where's my mother?"

Roleplay Hooks

  • Crystal Power
  • Engineering
  • Spiders
  • Learning about her mother
  • Learning the secrets of Amber
  • Discovering Shadow
  • Innocent in the land of intrigue

Associates and Connections

  • House Lords of Kreiator
  • Toni - Lady Mother
  • Gaval - Stepfather
  • Sullivan - The only enemy who is a friend.
  • Theodore - A fool or a lord, either way he makes me feel like a queen.
  • Alhambra


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