Leilani's Info
Name: Leilani
Title: Shipwright and captain
Home: Minos and Sukho
Themesong: YourThemeSong
Tracy Ifeachor as Leilani Teague

Public History

Leilani has been on the sea since she was born. It's true, her mother gave birth to her while in the cabin of her father's ship. So to say that the sea is in her blood is likely not an overstatement. Her father was a well known Minosian trader, Captain SeaSwift, who was more legit in his dealings than most. Her mother was a Sukhoti woman named Halia. Leilani would spend most of her youth growing up in Sukho.

As soon as she was old enough, though, it was back to the sea. Leilani was given a cabinboy position on her father's ship and never really left the life of a Minosian sailor after that. She sailed with SeaSwift for decades, learning the ropes from her old man. She knew his ship inside and out, every bit as good as he did. And one day, when she felt she'd learned enough, she left the crew of the Fair Winds and went to become her own woman.

Leilani didn't buy her first ship; she took it in grand Minosian tradition. For a decade she sailed as captain of the Silver and Blue, a frigate snatched out of some port in Minos. She wasn't as ruthless as many, she was more honest in her dealings than most, and she was known to take legitimate jobs if they paid well enough. But let us not mince words; she was a pirate.

Until the day she wasn't. Sometime in the past year she returned to Minos without a ship, saying nothing of what happened to it or her crew. She took her savings, opened a shipyard, and became a shipwright.

Known Associates

  • Lisette - a friend from the past and former passenger.
  • John - a Minosian to get in trouble with.


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