Fullname: Lisette din Alt
Alias: None in Amber
Age1: Early 30s
Features: Blood-red hair; extreme pallor
Height: 5'11
House: Feldane
Themesong: Nothing Else Matters (cello instrumental)
Played By: Unknown
Assignment: Feldane at large
Rank: Lady
Titles: Lady (rarely); Colonel (sometimes)

A Bastard of House Feldane


Tall, elegant, and habitually precise in her motions, this woman carries herself with the casual confidence of a life-long noble. Pale eyes of a strange, washed-out grey are set amidst fine features; while her pallid skin has a near-translucent quality, with bluish shadows around her eyes and under her high cheek bones. In stark contrast, her hair is a rich blood-red, the colour too vibrant to seem natural, hanging to her thighs in an ornate braid - one strand of which is a silky black, a dark contrast in the woven pattern.

Customarily clad in a form-fitting but unmarked military uniform of darkest green, she usually carries a light sabre at her right hip. By way of adornment, an ornate band of silver knotwork holds the end of her braid, while a silver chain runs around the outer periphery of each ear, held in place by small rings.

Note - Intimidating (PPL-IN): There's no requirement for another PC to be portrayed as scared of her (especially given how terrifyingly potent many characters are!), but Lisette is innately rather unsettling. This is explicitly unconnected to reputation or any knowledge of her: it's simply part of how she looks, and who she is.

Public History

A comparatively recent arrival in Amber, Lisette appears to have few local connections. Still, she stands out a certain amount: she wears an unmarked martial uniform, carries a blade, and looks seriously ill… and she apparently chooses to dye her hair blood-red.

A few are aware that she has claimed kinship to Emma Feldane - apparently being her elder bastard sister. Others might possibly recall her from 200 years ago, when she looked a lot more healthy and was a young officer in the war against the Moonriders.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Aristocrat: Able to survive (and even thrive) in a range of courts, and somewhat touchy about such things as honour and family
  • Feldane: She's a blooded member of the lineage, and is possessed of at least a little of their innate power
  • Health: Or apparent lack thereof. She looks almost like something her House might hunt, and when she showed up in Amber a few years ago she was asking about Mandrakes willing to treat a Feldane. She still looks (and sometimes sounds) decidedly unwell now.
  • Intimidating: As noted above, she really is rather unsettling, even when not pursuing her House's interests in the dead
  • Mystic: Many years out beyond the Golden Circle seem to have allowed her to pick up more than most about the occult; she might even be a maga of some sort herself
  • Oaths: Need an oath sealed? She can make sure that both parties keep their word
  • Peacemaking: Aided by her capacity to bind parties to an agreement, in some quarters she has a reputation as a mediator and peacemaker
  • Silver Circle: Not a denizen of deep Shadow, but someone who has spent most of her life out beyond the usual playgrounds of Amber's scions
  • Travel: She enjoys it, and has done a fair amount, though she doesn't appear to have anything to compete with the Royal ease of travel
  • War: She's served extensively as a military officer (some might say mercenary), and has particular skill in the raising and supplying of troops (SKL-AJ)


The following in-character ties are at least moderately public, and might potentially be used to foster RP.

Kith and Kin

Other Associates

  • Lady Anjali Dilwen - the diminutive Rebman has recruited Lisette to help with a quest involving a silent bell and a mysterious ghost.
  • Corwin of Amber - she's met him; she actually rather likes him. There might not be many in Amber who regard this as a commendation of her character.
  • Captain Leilani Teague - a friend acquired following one of Lisette's less successful adventures in the Silver Circle
  • Lady Rochelle Bayle - perhaps opposites are indeed drawn to each other: the refined beauty seems to be a friend to the Shadow-wandering oddity.
  • Ryika, Ambassadress of Rebma - Corwin's better half, and a seemingly-lovely individual


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