Fullname: Elizabeth Bordem Casanova
Alias: Lizz
Age1: 47
Features: rainbow-colored hair (naturally golden blonde), vibrant blue eyes
Height: 5'7"
House: Dybele/Sun Court
Themesong: "Ballroom Blitz", The Sweet
Played By: Natalie Dormer
Assignment: Noblis Punkis
Rank: The Favorite
Titles: none


She's most likely a blonde, golden hair kissed by red…but it's hard to tell since much of it contains wide streaks of vermillion, lapis, and pink, mostly in a waterfall across her brow and down her right shoulder. There's a run of horsetails following the fall, shorter and less perky as they go, and several inches over her left ear her head is shaved smooth. Her brows are a mixture of emerald and silver, the center of the eyes a bright vibrance in stark contrast to the dark blue at the edges. The cheekbones are high, the jawline foxish, the painted lips full and wide…and oh so expressive.

Her lithe form has a bizarre mix of grace and stompiness to it. It may be lace-up black leather ankle boots she's wearing, under the multipaneled…almost strips…layered skirt. The belt appears to be riveted, perhaps stolen from a soldier, the chemise crisp white and short sleeved. There appears to be a tattoo peeking out on her left arm that's the outline of a heart with Grandmother written inside.

Public History

The Punk Princess Royal and Glib Gabby. Gino's baby girl. Flora's headache and possible pet project.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Gino
  • Flora
  • Drums
  • Hitting things with big sticks

Associates and Connections

  • Gino
  • Flora
  • Syeira
  • Brice
  • Antonio


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