Fullname: Maeghan Jillain Tarrant Feldane
Alias: Peony, Meg, Meggie, Chickadee
Age1: 21
Features: Black Hair, Green Eyes
Height: 5'6"
House: House Feldane
Themesong: "If I Die Young", The Band Perry
Played By: Amanda Seyfried
Assignment: Scion of House Feldane
Rank: Noble
Titles: Lady



Delicate fine-boned features and wide eyes, their sparkling grey-green hue reminiscent of a storm tossed sea, seem all the more ethereal for the fresh snow fairness of her skin. Framed by thick, sooty lashes - where once there was dreamy innocence in her forthright, steady gaze, there is now complexity…a gravity that speaks of survival in adversity and the weight of compassion beyond her physical years. Like a raven's wing, light catches upon her short cropped ebony hair and shines with inky iridescence. The chin-length fragrant curls are swept back from the heart-shaped lines of her face with a crimson ribbon. Even so, some recalcitrant tendrils manage to escape their confines to tumble hither and yon. The vibrancy of summer roses is captured within lips whose fullness would be heart stopping were she caught in a smile, rather than the earnest expression that seems to be more typical. A tiny scar above her right brow is all that mars her comely visage. No older than her late teens or perhaps early twenties, her willowy form stands just shy of five and one half feet. Powerful, and ready to strike - feathered serpents have been tattooed in subtle colors from reds and oranges toward cooler blues and greens, twisting with scintillating vitality from the tops of her hands upwards, disappearing beneath her long sleeves. More eye catching then the tattoos are the claw marks, pale scars, that rake down the right side of her throat and down beneath her collar – leftover from a vicious attack.

Personal History

As with most of the great houses, the Feldane family tree has branches and twigs that both spreads wide and interconnects across the history of Amber. Maeghan’s father (Dashton Feldane) and her mother (Melanii Feldane) were distant cousins who met in childhood during summers spent at one of the ‘mad aunts’ houses in the country. As they grew they fell passionately in love, discovering a mutual love for botany and gardening. Following their marriage, they moved to the City of Amber and the main Feldane estate so that they could work in the family’s garden. It became their practice to take three or four trips a year to a variety of shadow realms looking for new specimens and learning from the natives how the plants were used. The couple was among the group of primary gardeners caring for the House’s unique plantings and The Tree.

The years passed and eventually they were blessed with the addition of Maeghan to their family. From the start, Meg proved her lineage as she would babble from her cradle at seemingly nothing, but the Family knew she was reacting to the presence of ghosts who seemed to be attracted to her like bees to honey. As she got older, Dashton and Melanii did their best to protect their daughter from the harsh realities and despair of those spirits who had unresolved business they wanted addressed before they moved on - men who died leaving their families destitute, women who died and had to leave their very young children, women who had been desecrated at the hands of men, the crude and obscene language of uncivilized men - but there was only so much they were able to do. Meg's mother encouraged the girl to keep a journal as a way to help ease the emotional burden of the dead - a task she continues to do to this day.

Unlike most children, Meg’s parents did not send her away to school but kept her with them even on their explorations of the shadow realms. Tutors were hired for some of the basics, but lessons in trade, law, death magic, and gardening were given by other members of the family in between trips. Most of the family considered the girl somewhat of a prodigy necromancer, her innate ability with death magic as well as life magic were considerable even from the youngest age. Most lessons were spent in studying and obtaining control over her gifts, as well as lectures by many of her ancestors on the importance of duty and sacrifice.

Overall, Maeghan was kept sheltered within the family and did not go out much in Amber society other than to visit family in the country during the holidays…most of whom were quite insane. The result was that by the time she was only twenty years of age, she was well traveled, exceptionally well educated, quite powerful in her own narrow niche, but woefully naive when it came to social situations.

Late in the fall, about 8 years after the Battle of the Guns of Avalon, only about a month after her birthday portrait was painted, Maeghan and her parents set off for an exploratory trip into a new section of the Cibola jungle that ended up being disastrous for their family. By the time the dust was settled several months later, the girl's mother was tragically killed - transitioned from mortal to spiritual form - leaving Dashton and Meg effectively destroyed in their own way by their loss and the events in Cibola. It took months of skirting the thin edge of sanity, of learning and regularly practicing meditation, 2 tattoos, and much soul searching before the young woman started to even regain her sense of self.

Now at only twenty-one years of age she has emerged from the last year changed. She realizes she is yet little more than a child in a world where someone in their nineties is still considered young, and struggles to live up to the very adult responsibilities expected of her by her family, her Prince, and her friends. Her experiences over the last year would have shattered a lesser person but she is a survivor thankful to be alive, and has come through stronger and headstrong willing to take on anyone. No longer the innocent, she has sadly grown more cynical…no longer taking on trust what is told her. That said, she still possesses the same sweet spirit that will heal anyone in need and give even her very life to rescue someone who is in trouble.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Medicine - I am an exceptional doctor, diagnostician, and surgeon. I work regular shifts at the Mandrake Charity Hospital.
  • Herb-Lore - Need some concoction? I'm your girl.
  • Death - Death is not the end even though sometimes it feels like it.
  • Gardens - No place makes me happier then a garden.
  • Feldane - My family, my house, my home, my purpose, my life.
  • Exploration - New places, new people, new plants?! Count me in!
  • Romance - Love…true love…is there anything more beautiful?
  • Ghosts - The dead have surrounded me my entire life.
  • Undead & Necromancers - Your Soul is bound, your power is gone. The Power is mine now and it is mine alone.
  • Import/Export/Trade - It's one of the things my family is known for. Making money and facilitating the transport of goods from one world to another is just sexy.
  • Plants/Botany - Passionate to the point of obsession?
  • Blood Magic - Not pretty, but it has its uses and is a fascinating study.

Associates and Connections


  • Dashton Feldane - My Papa is my best friend and always my hero. It is hard learning that your idol is just a person and not infallible. I guess that is a part of growing up, but I still love him most.
  • Emma Feldane - My cousin Emma is awesome! :)
  • Lisette Feldane - Emma's sister, she has been one of my most patient teachers and one of the cousins I can always talk to about anything.
  • Robert Feldane - Intimidating, it is never difficult to remember he is a Kite. There is always an excess of good mead in the house.
  • Basil Feldane - Great Uncle Basil…very intimidating, but is sweet in his way.
  • Izett Feldane Argent - Cousin Izett is very kind and has taken me under her wing when I need guidance. She is one of my favorite cousins.
  • Diana Lethem - One of my Lethem cousins, she knew my Grandmother Jillain. One of the bravest women I know.
  • Sarenwen Shadowdancer - One of my Feldane cousins, she is also one of the most beautiful Weir I have met. She has been there for me through some very dark times and saved my life. I don't get to see her often, I miss her.
  • Michio Brandson - My near cousin, everyone says he is scary but I think he is sweet.
  • Sullivan Fitz-Mandrake Ap'Brand'son - Mentor, teacher, patient answer-er of deep philosophical questions.
  • Florence Feldane - Flo is so much fun, she is around my age and I love being able to spend time and talk to her about everything. Her gifts with plants are truly special!


  • Prince Carmichael d'Benedict fort Montfalcon - My liege. I am probably one of the most unconventional knights you will encounter, I don't even wield a sword. He is a good man who I think truly does care for the realm and its people.
  • Marlene Mittlewell - Love Marlene, she is such a beautiful lady and has been such a good friend!
  • Vael Neroxai - Nosy fox and nature god. He rescued me and has done much to help keep me sane and healthy. I could never thank him enough.
  • Dirk Gerardson - He is one of my best friends. A very sweet man…totally crazy and a cat at that, but he saved me and has helped me through some dark times.
  • Harper (Elize Day) - Beautiful friend, patient teacher of all things wild
  • Erland - What can I say… soft and scary all at the same time!
  • Ragnar Bjornson - Giant Kite with a soft heart. He is one of the bravest men I know.
  • Vincenzo Emilio Sylvester Ricci - Vael's mate, a quiet but incredibly warm-hearted man. He is very brave.
  • Desmond Mozart - I haven't known Lord Desmond long, but he seems to be both brave and excessively generous; however, he also is a big flirt. He was part of the group who helped rescue me and my father from Cibola.
  • Zachary Jones - Prince Julian's son. They say I don't know what true love is. They are wrong. It is a painful lesson to learn, when love is not enough. I am glad my 'Hero' is in Arden most of the time, seeing him is painful and being just friends is akward.
  • Armand Jones - Armand is Zachary's identical twin and his best friend. He and Zachary share a bond that is unbelievably strong, unfortunately he doesn't like me at all. I am glad that he is there to watch out for Zach.
  • Sir Ashby de' Mandrake - I have been told that he is a highly decorated war hero, but he reminds me of Lord Desmond in that he is quite flirtatious and cavalier. I rarely take his words seriously, though I suspect his behavior is a mask to conceal a person more serious.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Antonio de Visforza, Comte San Angelo - Princess Florimel's son. Tony is very sweet, exceedingly handsome, charming, and we get on well. He is an incorrigible flirt and has been courting me for some time. We are friends, and he makes me laugh. It would be a profitable match, and we understand each other…he calls me his girl sidekick, it makes me smile.


  • Frau Grauwyler (aka Growler) -Nanny, Duenna, Friend, Confessor, Surrogate Grandmother, From Weirmonken, Played by Maggie Smith.
  • Melanii Feldane - Mother, deceased but her spirit stays with us…anchored to her urn.
  • Grandfather Tarrant Feldane - My maternal grandfather, a very no-nonsense man who has been one of my best teachers when it came to trade and politics. He actually lived to a rather old age. His spirit stays with the family, anchored to his urn.
  • Great Great Aunt Agatha - I *think* she is related to Great Aunt Irene, one of the aunts, her urn stays with us. I love reading to her. She is nearly as bad about propriety as Grauwyler, but she has a weakness for handsome men and always gives me input on my suitors. She also SINGS…a lot. It makes Papa laugh.
  • Georges - Papa's valet, a very kind man whom I adore.
  • Pryderi - Black and white draft horse that Meggie rides.
  • Yew - Meg's medium hair kitten, black with white paw tips. A gift from Zachary.
  • Hope - A black and white rabbit with blue eyes. A gift from Vael.


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