Fullname: Captain Maereina Midnight
Alias: Mae to her intimates
Age1: Not quite 100
Features: dark hair, hazel green eyes
Height: 5'6"
House: Minosian Storm blood
Themesong: "Ballad of Captain Twilight", Corwin of Amber
Played By: None
Assignment: Minosian Ambassador to Amber, Caine's wife.
Rank: Captain
Titles: Captain, Ambassador, Lady (but she might hurt you for that one)


Her slender face has the delicate bones and slim nose of an aristocrat. The subtle slant of her pale hazel green eyes combined with thick dark lashes adds a touch of the exotic. Full red lips shimmer with a faint sheen of moisture against her sun-kissed skin. A long-healed white scar mars the otherwise flawless skin of her neck very little. Midnight curls fall just past her shoulders making her skin seem paler than it actually is. Large gold hoops sparkle in her dark curls where they dangle from her pierced ears.

A pristine shirt of black silk loosely covers her torso. Tight black breeches cling to the curves of her legs enhancing their length. Black leather boots cover her legs to just below the knee. A wide belt of black leather circles her waist, closed with a silver buckle. A sheathed sword hangs from the belt on her right, gold and silver both gleaming from the hilt. A scabbard of black leather balances it on the left. The hilt of the sword is wrapped with black leather inlaid with silver lightning and capped with a ruby decorated pommel. Cascading around her shoulders is a long black silk cloak edged with silver cording. A glimpse of the interior shows sea green satin. A stunning engagement ring of white gold encircles the third finger of her left hand. The ring holds a large oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. It is matched by simple band of white gold with a diamond set flush into the band.

Public History

Maereina was named a Royal Artist in Amber under Prince Regent Bleys and given the title Marquesa of Crown Point. She is currently serving as Minosian Ambassador to Amber. She is renowned in both Amber and Minos and to a lesser extent throughout the Golden Circle for her art and her crafting of both practical and artistic things. She is known as one of the foremost stormcrafters in Minos as well as being a member of the Captaincy.

She is also the wife of Prince Caine of Amber and mother of his daughter, Alexandra, who has not been seen in Amber in some time.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Minos
  • Crafting
  • Caine

Associates and Connections

  • Caine
  • John Redhand
  • The Commodores of Minos


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