Meeting a Glass Singer...
Meeting a Glass Singer…
Location: Whisper Gallery at the Karanis Townhouse
Date: July 21st, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Veronica, going to house Karanis to look for a glass worker, meets a cousin who fits the bill.
Characters: Faridah and Veronica
NPCs: unnamed Karanis servant

Having decided upon a course of action and realizing she needs assistance, Veronica did what any good Chantris would do… she went to the library and did some research. Quickly confirming what she has heard she heads to the home of the best glass makers in Amber… her distant cousins the Karanises. After knocking on the door she is shown into the Whisper Gallery, Roni is asked to wait while the servant goes to find a family member to attend to her request to speak with someone.

Considering that she seemed to be getting more and more attention for her work, Faridah thought it might be best to see if there was anyone with more knowledge that would be willing to share tricks of the trade with her. And she's always interested in meeting more family. So, it was time to visit the Karanis Manor house. She's greeted, and brought to the foyer to wait while it's seen if anyone's about.

Veronica nods to Faridah, acknowledging her presence and extending a silent greeting to the pink haired woman. As a guest in the manor she waits to be spoken to before addressing someone else.

Faridah is just as much a guest of the manor, but she isn't aware of such etiquette rules. "Ah, hello there. Have you been waiting long?" She sort of wonders what the other woman's business is, but doesn't want to seem too nosy.

"Oh no, not long," Veronica says with a smile. "I'm waiting to speak with one of the famed Karanis glass makers," she explains without prompting. "Are you a member of the family?"

Faridah blinks, questioning what the actual answer to that is. She… was part of the Chantris house, which is related to Karanis, so technically… yes? "Extended family. House Chantris, but I don't believe I'm actually part of the Karanis branch. But I'm also here to talk to their glass makers. My name is Faridah, it's nice to make your acquaintance."

Veronica's face beams with a smile. "Then we are surely cousins," she says before introducing herself. "I am Veronica Chantris," she leaves out her Mon surname as superfluous at this time, "Daughter of Nathan." She then asks, "Which line of the family are you from?"

"Well met, cousin." Faridah smiles in return. "I'm… not actually too sure. My father is the one of the Chantris line, but neither my mom or I really know much of him. I actually didn't know which house he was of until I got to Amber and did some searching. So, I suppose I just say the main house for the moment."

The smile transforms into a friendly grin. "I would like to speak with you and your mother then," Veronica says, "Because I have taken it upon myself to clean up the family historical records. Perhaps we can figure out who your father was?" Having put that out there she then asks, "So, what is your business with the glass makers?"

Faridah simply nods to that. An affirmative, but nothing concrete. It might be rather difficult to talk to her mother… "Oh, well I'm actually a glass worker myself, and I thought maybe I should talk with my family that's experienced with such things. See what tricks they know that I don't."

Veronica nods to that and, after a moment's pause, explains, "I was, myself, hoping to elicit the aid of a glass worker for a project. It might even be better for them not to have strong ties with the house yet as… well, walls can have ears so I'd rather not explain here."

Faridah tilts her head. "Are you suggesting a proposition? I actually could work rather quickly, depending on what it is you need. Where would be a good place to go then?"

"Well… I have a clothing store with a workshop in back… but… do you need heat to work glass?" Veronica is clearly not sure what is required to make good glass as it is not her crafting cup of tea.

Faridah can not help a smirk. "I'm not sure what those of the Karanis house require, but I assure you I have everything I need on me." She pats the leather bag that's hanging against her hip.

"Well, then we don't need to visit the forge," Veronica says with a smile. "So, would you like to meet me at my shop tomorrow? Its Pelle e Pizzo and is located at Main Concourse and Weavers Street."

"Certainly. We can discuss and work out all the details then. I look forward to working with you cousin." Faridah offers a hand. A handshake to seal the deal.

Veronica takes the offered hand and shakes it. "And I the same," she says smiling again.

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