Melina Solaris
Fullname: Melina Katherina Rose Solaris
Alias: called Mellie by her husband Dirk
Age1: 97
Features: blond / green
Height: 5'1"
House: Solaris/Chantris, Lyonesse
Themesong: How do You Love?
Played By: Emilie De Ravin
Assignment: Crown Envoy to the Houses
Rank: none
Titles: Lady


Golden curls, grace a snow white forehead, but more often than not threaten to fall across the emerald green eyes that peer out from the youthful face. A pert little nose has a slight upturn over a set of thin pink lips. %r %r She presently wears a long cream colored tunic with the emblem of the Solaris sun. A brown cloak is draped over her shoulders which matches her brown riding pantsBlack riding boots protect her feet. %r On her left ring finger are two rings. The first is a crystal band that has a sparkling liquid inside it that looks like liquid diamonds and if you look really close, you see a very small golden coconut floating around in the liquid. The second is an open band of silver completed by matching white curniciellos — or Italian/Mon horns

Public History

Melina is the daughter of Princess Clarine, High Lady of Benoic in Lyonesse, and Lord Earhardt Solaris, brother of Beatrice]. She is the sister of Lorana Solaris and the late [Sir Taran Solaris]]] as well as the wife of Dirk son of Prince Caine and one time adopted son of Prince Gerard. She has only recently returned to full public life in Amber, having written herself into the pages of a book to grieve in solitude following her brother Taran's death. Upon her return from her sojourn between the pages, she has dedicated herself to helping her cousin Lord Proxy Pascal Solaris with the family affairs.

While fully committed to the Solaris family and ideals, she is the peacemaker of the clan generally preferring managing conflict through discourse over the battlefield. She is not a wallflower by any means, though she has a voracious appetite for books and commitment to learning the ancient lore and magics of both her Chantris and Lyonne heritage. She can often be seen visiting Arden where both Dirk and his son Alec serve as Rangers. Her penchant for peace knows its limits when facing evil in its purest form including the Black Road and Agents of Chaos. She, like her brother, is committed to the restoration of Lyonesse.

She briefly served as Praetor under Prince Bleys in 2010 as Deputy Praxis under Prince Carmichae in 2017 and now servrves in the Court of Prince-Regent Corwin as Crown Envoy to the Houses.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Knowledge :(books,libraries, ancient cultrues, lore, old gods, old ways, history,adventure, magic) She has a voracious appetite for knowledge in all its forms and more broadly truth. Once a puzzle has her in its grasp she will go to any length to solve it. She is eager and willing to share knowledge with others. She is about to embark on an extensive study of magic in the mystical in search of wait ails Amber. Want to help?
  • Government, Duty, Service: (politics, honor, peace) She is committed to the preservation and protection of Amber and its people and more broadly peace, prosperity and protection for all, She has recently taken on the position of Deputy Praxis charged with investigating the failure of the duties of Amber. She is attempting to foster cooperation between the Great Houses and Crown in pursuit of this goal and balance a sense of duty to both sides. She finds the balance increasingly difficult and as her conscience bids her to consider where duty truly lies and what protection of amber will ultimately require. Want to join the fight for Amber? Contribute to Mel's existential crisis?
  • Creativity (song, stories, poetry oratory) a gifted singer, writer and orator, her songs and stories can calm the spirit and inspire to action by turns

Associates and Connections


  • Taran Solaris, noble spirited knight of the Graal, Melina's late brother whose life and death continue to define Mel
  • Ailith Solaris Naval officer, wise,dutiful cousin
  • Lorana Solaris: Baroness Solaris, ailing sister afflicted by the Solaris Curse
  • Pascal Solaris: Lord Proxy Solaris quiet academic, librarian and scholar, frequently absent chasing knowledge or caring for Lorana
  • Dirk Caineson- Mel's husband, free-spirited shapeshifting Ranger
  • Alec Dirkson: artistic, virtuous stepson, confidant
  • Keryk Cathcart inventive, knowledge-seeker, Begman cousin


  • Prince Benedict: late Elder, respected and admired champion of Amber, once married to Mel's aunt Beatrice Solaris
  • Prince Carmichael: de Benedit fort Montfalcon: , defender of Amber's people, tempramental mentor and inspiration
  • Baroness Raphaela de Sorgo: frank, pragmatic experimentalist and mentor


  • Sir Ashby De Mandrake: Brave, charismatic, accomplished soldier and knight,loyal friend
  • Dame Maeghan Feldane kind hearted but tough young Feldane physician and knight of price Carmichael
  • Satoshi Shao, Pengali Captain of the Lucky Goldfish, unassuming businessman and brave and loyal friend
  • Duke-Prince Gilgamesh Karm : straight-talking and open-minded head of House Karm, committed in his duty to his house and Amber
  • Vael Neroxai: Reformed foxgod, protector of Arden and Vulpine Hollow, fellow peace-warrior
  • Zachary Jones-Julianson: brave. down-to-earth explorer and adventurer trouble-magnet


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  • " How do you Love?" Shinedown
  • "Selling the Drama" Live
  • "Show me the Way" Styx
  • "The Impossible Dream" Man of Lamancha Broadway Soundtrack
  • "Hands" Jewel
  • Won't Back Down" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
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