Melina asks for a Ring to be Made...
Melina asks for a Ring to be Made…
Location: Pelle e Pizzo in Amber
Date: September 17th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Melina approaches Veronica to have a ring made that she can turn into a protective talisman.
Characters: Melina and Veronica
NPCs: Polly

Melina enters the shop at an easy pace and sweeps a glance over the room to get the lay of things. She walks through the racks and though she does pause to admire some of the outfits that catch her eye she would seem to be searching for something

Veronica is, this morning, alone in the shop - - apparently the woman who, with her granddaughter, works in the shop for the Chantris crafter is either not in this early or has other matters to attend at this time. Sitting in a folding chair, Roni is holding a sketch pad in one hand with it resting against her legs for further support as she works on a drawing. When Melina enters the shop she looks up from her work and says, "Good morning," but doesn't press the new comer, instead allowing the other woman to browse for a bit. When it becomes apparent that she is not finding exactly what she is looking for, Veronica stands and places her sketch pad - - drawing side down - - into the chair and approaches her customer. "May I assist you, Lady….?" she asks, both offering assistance in the spoken portion of the question and asking the other if she wishes to introduce herself with the unspoken part.

Melina finishes helpfully "Melina Solaris…I was wondering if you sold jewelry. I need a piece on which to place an inscription. A ring perhaps. I have the training to do the magical inscription but not the skill to craft the piece itself."

"Ah, I see, Lady Solaris," Veronica says and continues with, "It is a pleasure to meet you, I have seen your name in my genealogical studies of our families. I am Veronica Nayelenor of House Chantris and Montevalno," to complete their introductions. Then, addressing Melina's request, she says, "As I believe you have seen, I do not stock jewelry in my shop. When I opened it I had no experience smithing so it is what it is. However, I can make such a ring. Are you looking for a plain band or…?" Not wanting to force opinions on a potential customer, Veronica is allowing her Solaris cousin to explain what she is looking for in more detail.

Melina considers "Simple yes as the inscription will be the most important part but some minor direction might be suitable. as I wish to wear it on the same finger as my wedding ring which is quite unusual. It's intent is to offer what protection I can to our unborn child as I often find myself in precarious situations"

Veronica smiles - - as she was hoping to find out the intent of the magic Melina was planning on using the ring for - - and nods to show that she understands the desire. "I can make one for you in a day or two," she says. "Can you explain the inscription magic to me… at least the basics of it? How it can be used and such?" She sounds like she is both curious and possibly interested in asking for a counter favor.

Melina hms "The wording can be anything , but the magic has to be specific. I can't shield myself from just any injury for instance but I can shield myself from physical injury to the abdomen in hopes of providing protection to the growing child should i fall or undergo other trauma. Once the power is used for such a thing, the inscripton disappears and the item must be re-inscribed to offer protection again

Veronica nods, understanding this conceptually. She then asks, "Are you able to do this to on and for things as well as people?" in such a way that shows she has an application in mind.

Melina hms "I believe it has to be a living thing, though not a person. I believe an animal can be protected as well, though I've not tried this as yet. I believe House Karm may have magics more suited to securing and protecting objects, though I would be pleased to inscribe something that suits your needs. I offer such services to family without expecting return

Veronica smiles and nods. "If I ever have need of that I will reach out to you," she says and then asks, "For your ring, do you intend to inscribe the inner or outer surface?" as she turns back to her chair and picks up the sketch book. She flips to the next page - - briefly showing the sketch of a bag - - and then begins drawing something new.

//Editor's Note: [] was provided as a link to what the sketch looks like.

Melina hms "I would probably inscribe the inside so some kind of marking could adorn the outer. I'm thinking I'll say something along the lines of 'the ring protects more precious treasure within me me. may protection encircle my child as this ring encircles my finger, shielding it from harm."

Veronica again smiles and says, "That will work well with what I intend to do. I'm envisioning a band that has two Mon horns side by side sprouting out of walnuts." She shows a sketch of such a ring by turning the pad around so Melina can see it. "The horn is a symbol of protection and walnuts are traditionally associated with fertility. So you find that symbolism acceptable? Or should I go with a plainer design?"

//Editor's Note: [] but without the spirals represents the sketched ring.

Melina grins "That's perfect" Somehow it reminds me of Arden. Life and beauty and strength"

The Solaris' grin is mirrored by one from the Chantris crafter. Veronica then asks, "Is there a metal that takes your inscriptions better than others? Also is there a metal you prefer to wear?" She quickly adds, "Do not feel limited here to picking the lesser choice for either, as I have ways to make your ring conform to both if they are different." She also says, "If you have no specific needs for its actually composition, I was thinking of making it out of argentium silver but having it appear to be partially made of gold and other metals, artistically worked together, with a silver band."

Melina nods "I have no objection. The inscription will take on anything and the two tone effect seems appropriate to its intent and purpose . The making of a life after all entails the joining of two into one

"Very good, I'll get working on that for you and let you know when it is finished," Veronica says. Then, after a momentary pause, she asks, "What about the father? Would you like a matching or complimentary piece of jewelry for him as well?"

Melina hms "I think he would like that. He is over the moon about the notion of having a child

Veronica smiles and then says, "So another ring. Man's size…." She then puts her sketch pad down and reaches for a tape measure. "I'd like to measure your ring finger," she explains as she reaches out - - as a silent request - - for Melina's hand so as to do just then. She also asks, "Do you happen to have a digit that is the same size as the finger you want his ring to fit? Perhaps your thumb?"

Melina puts her own hand to be measured and considers "I don't think a ring would work unless on a chain to be worn about the neck. He's a shapeshifter you see and is apt to lose a ring in his feline form

Veronica ahs softly and asks, "What does he transform into?" She seems to accept the shapechanger bit without question - - perhaps she knows one also.

Melina answers "A large cat. A Maine Coon"

Veronica nods and, with a grin that speaks of a devious thought having formed in her mind, she asks, "Do you happen to know if his neck in that form is about the same width of his human form wrists?" in such a way that implies that she feels that if Melina doesn't know nobody else is likely to.

Melina hms "I think that would be about right. It is a large cat"

"So… a bracelet for his wrist that can be removed and put around his neck when he transforms," Veronica says. Then, calling upon her genealogical research again to know who Melina is married to, she asks, "This would be Caine's son Dirk, right?"

Veronica nods, "Alright, I believe I remember the size of Dirk's wrists. It's been years but unless he has changed greatly that'll be good enough for this purpose as a torc-style bracelet has some flexibility. Give me two to three days to have both prepared at the same time though please." She then asks, "Would you like anything else prepared for you at the same time?"

Melina shakes her head "I think that's all for now except to come up with a preferred way to get compensated for your work

"You're family so don't worry too hard on it. We'll find a compensation sooner or later," Veronica says. She does, however, follow this up with a question: "You're Solaris but… do you have that bloodline or Chantris' - - or both - - metaphysically?"

Melina nods "I have the gifts inherent to both the chantris and Lyone bloodlines

Veronica ahs and nods. "Okay. Plus your child puts Blood of Oberon in the mix for the moment potentially… plus any others it may have gotten from Dirk," she says adding, almost to herself, "I don't think Giselle would consider that a good idea even if the Blood of Lyonesse wasn't in the mix…"

Melina peers "I do suppose my child will have a stubborn streak a mile wide and I'm n not likely to be quite the disciplinarian one might expect from my bloodline, but I'll do my level best to ensure a spoiled brat will not result

Polly enters the shop, their family event having ended; after Veronica greets her the older woman goes to a work area in the back corner of the room and resumes some sewing she'd left off the previous day.

"I should go to the manor so I can work on your ring and torc, Melina," Veronica says now that she isn't required to stay to keep the shop manned during the day. "It was a pleasure meeting you. I'll send word to you when I have finished the work so we can arrange a time for me to deliver them to you."

Melina nods "The pleasure is mine. I hope we have an opportunity to know each other better"

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