Fullname: Isidore Mercier
Alias: Arthur Templeton
Age1: 40
Features: Dark hair, Uninterestingly hazel eyes.
Height: 6' 0" (1.82 meters)
House: Independent Actor
Themesong: "You Know My Name", Chris Cornell
Played By: Sam Neill
Assignment: Merchant
Rank: Mister
Titles: None


Mercier is human male with a sturdy jawline that could take a few punches. His complexion is at its base pale, dusted with a light, healthy, and unavoidable tan. His dark hair is shorn close cropped on the sides, and still short on the top, though long enough to comb down, foregoing a part most of the time. His eyes are a neutral, uninteresting hazel. His build is well-maintained and athletic. His shoulders are broad and meatily mesomorphic. His core demeanor is a sort of terse relaxation, like a preparing serpent pretending to lounge.

Mercier is normally wearing a dark, nearly black, blue suit with matching coat and trousers. The coat is somewhat long, reaching down to his mid-thigh, and when closed, is buttoned with four unpolished brass buttons. His usual white shirt is normally worn with a wide, silk-looking black tie, the short club collar folded down. If open, he'd show off an patterned burgundy vest, adorned with a brass chain the dissapears into one pocket, the other end hooked to a button hole, and adorned with a simple, unassuming fob of pointless geometric design and filigree. His shoes are black and leather, and on his head sits a black bowler hat.

Public History

Arthur Templeton claims to be from a little placed called Merketh, famous for its skiing, despite the fact that no one has heard of the place, nor, apparently been skiing there. Having established himself as a poor merchant, and part time accountant or steveadore, if funds run particularly low, Mister Templeton has always attempted to maintain a low profile, but, to his apparent chagrin at some points, has become aquainted with various important people throughout Amber and the 'surrounding' environs, to the point of being mentioned in places he would prefer not to. Still, the man claims to be just a normal merchant, often to the point of absurdity, which he greets with a winning smile.

Connections and Associates

  • Lady Marlene - The two seem to be well acquainted though refer to each other as associates, nebulously.
  • Captain Merrisol of the Solar Flare, Warden of the Deep - Mercier had previously advocated for the pirate's neck in a noose, but hasn't harped about the matter recently. He even works with the man, at points.
  • Knight-Commander Kincaid - Outwardly friends, Mercier sees the good Commander as a person who can generally be seen to do the right thing. An admirable trait… in an asset.
  • Dame Tessa Rontoya - They have a friendly relationship.
  • Celeste, Duchess Mandrake - Despite her generally blunt attitude toward's Mercier's deceptions, Mercier has respect for a woman who knows her duty.
  • Captain-Minister Meijanri Kell - The merchant can't help but enjoying the company of a grounded craftswoman.
  • Boatswain Ruby - A reliable asset and quite possibly friend, though Mercier is wary of her eye for power.
  • Lady Giselle - An interesting and outgoing woman, though Mercier has nothing but honorable intentions…. is Ethan gone yet?
  • Lady Diana - Owes him a shave and a haircut.
  • Catriona - A realization and manifestation of a cold, dark fear.
  • Jhavid, Mister Flay - An accursed damn pirate whom Mercier has had at least one public disagreement with regarding matters of appellation. It did not end well for Mercier, but he's never publicly called the man a Captain.

RP Hooks

  • For the Blue Bars- Mercier is a republican, and a revolutionary. Unabashedly. He opposes the feudal governments where the nobility own people, land, and the right to govern on birthright, and believes that people have a right to a statehouse owned and operated by the public, rather then claimed by a family or person as a possession. He advocates this even in Amber. Mercier can be a pragmatist, noting that governments of good Kings certainly do work. It doesn't mean he doesn't think an Amberite Parliment wouldn't work better, and he cannot fabricate the zeal of liberty in the breast of a people unwilling, but that won't stop him from spreading the good word.
  • Oppressos Liberare - Isidore is a revolutionary, and spent a significant amount of time in strategic services and clandestine agency organizing resistance movements and at least one popular revolt, to various degrees of success. Mercier has a passion for helping the downtrodden and liberating those who must suffer under the iron fist of tyranny or brigandry, though this can lead to him being overly critical of the nobility and lesser criminals.
  • We Do What We Must - Mercier might be a borderline sociopath. Years of tradecraft, state-sanctioned murder, and lies to his friends and family have left him wondering if he's becoming a brand of monster. But Mercier is a man with few fears, a man who has accepted the rope as his inevitable end, and a man to whom the ends justify the means.
  • The Broken Generation - Mercier fought in his shadow's Great War, and like many in his generation, was broken by the experience. He's had two decades to learn how to cope, but the a lack of modern psychiatric care means Mercier is still prone to nightmares and anxiety.
  • Wine, Women and Song - The life of a spy is a lonely and paranoid one, and different people develop different ways of distracting themselves from the horrifying realities of the True world underneath the veil of civility. Mercier tends to have hobbies; He likes a good tome, and likes a good opera even more. He drinks to forget, and take the edge off. But nothing beats women when it comes to an effective and pleasant method of diversion. Mercier is a gentleman about it, and doesn't lead women on (unless The Cause requires it), but any attraction and activity is skin deep. Mercier actively avoids deeper or involved relationships. That gets people hurt…


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