Fullname: Meztli
Alias: Mez
Age1: 42
Features: Dark Brown (Hair/Eyes)
Height: 5'9"
House: Cibola
Themesong: none
Played By: none
Assignment: Trader/Alchemist
Rank: Exiled
Titles: Meztli


Waist-length brown hair has been tamed in an intricate style involving braids, lengths of colored cloth, and finely worked chains of silver to make her hair as much a fashion accessory as anything else she might wear. The tall woman, standing a proud 5'9", is given to the darker, sun-kissed complexion of Cibola, coupled with higher cheekbones and a more pronounced chin than many of that realm would otherwise claim - hinting at some mixed heritage. Her ears are pierced multiple times, featuring small loops of gold on the right, and a serpent of similar metal that twists in and out of holes to run along left ear's edge from top to bottom where it bites into the fleshy lobe.

Public History

Meztli hails from Cibola, though she arrived in Amber City in <May 2016> as a virtual unknown. She claims to be looking for her father's people, but no one recognizes the man. She is a skilled alchemist, willing to sell her skills, and is looking for a more permanent arrangement along those lines while getting herself settled in the city.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Sponsorship: Meztli is looking for sponsorship among the wealthy of the city. She needs to set up a shop, and Amber real estate doesn't come easily.
  • Daddy?: Meztli's father was a slave in Cibola, captured during a raid on a shipwreck from Amber. He always spun tales for her about his life as an Amber noble, but now he's dead. Do you know something about it?
  • Alchemy: She's an accomplished alchemist and can make everything from personal brews to draughts for your crew. Maybe you need something? Or are willing to quest for ingredients?
  • Heart of Stone: She has one. Do you want to find out by trying to influence her emotions?
  • Slave Trade: While Meztli is trying to put her old life behind her, she might know something about Cibolan Slave Trade, if you want to do something about it.

Associates and Connections

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