Fullname: HRM Moire of Rebma
Alias: Moi
Age 1000+ yrs (30's in appearance)
Features: Mint and Pearl / Lime
Height: 5'8" (1.7m)
House: Royal House of Lir
Themesong: "Trampoline", Wild Strawberries
Casting Call: Francesca Eastwood
Assignment: Queen of Rebma
Rank: The Crown
Titles: Monarch Beneath the Waves


Barring that recent ten-year illness and coma, Moire has been the unquestioned ruler of the undersea empire for as long as most can remember. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she claims rule through divine appointment by the Sea itself. Rarely if ever has she left the Deep, yet her courts are always attended by dignitaries and supplicants from far away, wishing to gain her support.

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Notable Acts

  • Established greater ambassadorial influence in Amber and the Golden Circle to increase trade and industry.
  • Declared war on the Dragon Queen's armies, destroying them and the pretender's claim to her throne.
  • Wed Lord Owain, a Dilwen, the union producing Princess Morganthe. Has not remarried after his death by misadventure.
  • Supported Amber but kept her army at a distance during the Amber-Kitezh war.
  • Raised Lord Martin from infancy after Princess Morganthe's suicide, though she harboured a grudge against the father, Prince Random.
  • Took in a blind young woman named Vialle, an orphan of House Mairwen, making her a ward of the Court.
  • Groomed Lord Martin for official responsibilities in the military and court, though he rebelled at first and ran away to Shadow.
  • Closed the Rebma Embassy after King Oberon disappeared from Amber.
  • Granted sanctuary to Prince Corwin and Princess Deirdre, and allowed Corwin to walk the Rebma Pattern and regain his memories.
  • Put Prince Random under arrest and forced him to wed Lady Vialle under threat of execution.
  • After negotiations with King Eric through Princess Llewella, reopened the Rebma Embassy in Amber. By then, the Black Road invasion had already trickled into Rebma.
  • Became troubled and ill, and was subsequently found to be with child. Princess Faiella was born by the end of the year.
  • Refused to acknowledge King Julian's reign in Amber.
  • Held tenuous control over her realm after the Rebma Pattern was destroyed and the Cataclysm decimated the capital.
  • Welcomed Martin back from Shadow to assist with the recovery. Appointed him as Lord Marshal of Rebma within a year.
  • Retreated from Rebma as her malaise worsened, succumbed while in Shadow, and was said to lapse into a deep slumber which lasted more than five years. A Black Road plot was held up as the cause.
  • Under mysterious circumstances, took spiritual possession of Lord Merrisol's vessel, and proceeded to reclaim the throne with Lord Regent Martin's support. It became more widely known that the near-death of her body was hastened by a conspiracy and murder attempt as yet unsolved.
  • Ensured the realm's future by raising Martin to Crown Prince, and counseling Princess Faiella to train for the role of Royal Seeress.
  • Notably promised a Reckoning, which some have taken to mean addressing outstanding issues from Martin's role in Rebma to Prince Caine's escaping punishment for his allegedly destroying the Pattern and causing the Cataclysm.
  • Enlisted teams to restore and revive her body, Mandrakes, Feldanes, and a Pathian among them. The malaise was treated and the safe return of her soul accomplished within the year.
  • Officially resumed her reign as Queen to great fanfare and outpourings of support.

Hooks and Story Arcs

  • Sanctuary! Over the span of Moire's reign, Rebma has become known as the safe refuge of displaced or hunted nobility/royalty, with Corwin's situation only being the most memorable.
  • Reckoning is a slow-burning fish. Got yourself on Moire's naughty list? It might not be tomorrow; it might not be a year from now. But she will get you. And it will hurt.
  • Timeless in every way. Moire brings an elderly wisdom to her dealings, as well as a preternatural sense of the flows of history that can be used to support the endeavors of the present.
  • A Good Sea Witch? Her sorcery is based in her deep affinity and sympathy with the Sea, as opposed to places of power or entities in the Deeps. She's a beneficial ally and a formidable foe, at range.

Notable NPCs

  • Princess Faiella - Cloistered in the Temple of Lir except for the occasional palace visit.
  • Cesadorus of Eromaled - Personal assistant, from a lesser clan yet bears equal authority to the Steward.
  • Lord Setao ap Dafydd - Royal Scribe, Bureaucrat, often in attendance for official functions.
  • Lord Llewmarc ap Dilwen - Royal Physician, appointed after the former, Evadyr Ygrayne, was charged with treason.
  • Sister Teragram - Resident Priestess of Lir, administers to the household.
  • Trevur and Annoel - Two of the most visible royal bodyguards.
  • Aoeda, Erys, Evidne, Plumea, Sabdhe, and Yarwen - Ladies-in-Waiting selected from six different Houses.


'Breathing Underwater' - Metric (for the Rebma org)
'Skyfall' - Adele (for the Tir allies)
'Siren's Song' - Bat for Lashes
'Wait' - Sarah McLachlan
'Dark Horse' - Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J) (also music video lulz)
'Promises' - The Cranberries
'The Sound Of' - Jann Arden
'Part of Me' - Lara Fabian
'Seal my Fate' - Belly
'Easy Terms' - Amy Sky
'Speak of the Devil' - Wild Strawberries
'You're Not From Here' - Lara Fabian


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