Fullname: Mordred
Alias: Dred
Age1: 750
Features: Albino, Horned, Writhing Yellow Eyes
Height: 6'2"
House: Lyonesse
Themesong: "Rake at the Gates of Hell", The Pogues
Played By: Hans Matheson
Assignment: Lord of Chaos
Rank: Marquis
Titles: Lord of Ascolat


Broad shoulders and a strong build still frame the man's form. But where before he was pale with hair as dark as raven's wings, now he is the pale white of an albino with hair to match. Gone are the dark-as-sin horns on his head and replacing them are this year's ivory and gold model. And where his eyes once writhed with yellow power, that now is red-tinged instead. He is ageless; he is eternal. And still his name is Mordred.

Public History

  • Born in Lyonesse and raised there; his mother was Deirdre of Amber and his father the former Lord Ascolat.
  • Founded the Black Knights.
  • Responsible for the downfall of Corwin's Avalon.
  • Became Road Marked to spare Deirdre that fate while infiltrating Banyan.
  • Took Gram from Corwin and ruled Banyan for a couple years.
  • Created the Sign of Chaos.
  • Returned to Lyonesse.

Known Associates

  • Jira is the wife and mother of Constantine, his heir.
  • Catriona is the damnit-doll for when anger needs an outlet.


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