Fullname: Nari Natsuki
Alias: None yet
Age1: 43
Features: Black Hair and Eyes
Height: 5'7"
House: Penglai
Themesong: none
Played By: Yaya Han
Assignment: For Hire
Rank: Mercenary
Titles: Miss

Public History


Nari Natsuki hails from the empire of Penglai, commonly called Jade to those who don't realize its extensiveness. Specifically, she was raised in the shadow known as Dangun, which has since fallen to the Black Road and the instability that bit of evil brought with it. In the ten years since Dangun has fallen, Nari has peddled her skills as a mercenary, assassin, tradeswoman and alchemist to make what living she can where she's traveled.

The mercenary has only recently arrived in Amber and begun looking for better work than she was finding in the Penglai empire. She could be a bodygaurd or soldier, an alchemist or trader. But above all, she wants to find a way to get back at the Road that took away her family and her home.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Shadows - She is a growing adept of shadow magic.
  • Alchemy - She can mix up a mean potion. For a price. Or maybe you want to go with her to pick exotic herbs.
  • Penglai - She's not from Jade, but she from the Penglai empire.
  • Kitsune - It's her mark. Not only does she have dramatic timing, she loves playing pranks.
  • Crime - She's worked for the Bregari from time to time.

Associates and Connections



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