Fullname: Noelani Feldane
Alias: No; Noel
Age1: 185
Features: Black Hair / Gray Eyes
Height: 5'7"
House: Feldane
Themesong: none
Played By: Anne Hathaway
Assignment: Knight of Death
Rank: Lady
Titles: Lady


At 5'7", this woman is often considered tall. Her raven hair runs down to mid-back, bound in a tight braid of intricate weave and tied off with a burgundy ribbon at the end. Fair skin is pale but not unseemely so, giving a striking background for her dark red, bee-stung lips. Almond shaped eyes come in a silver color, too bright and shiny to be considered gray. Her nose borders on hakwish, her cheekbones high, and her youth warring with her life experience to make her true age difficult to guess.

Public History

Lady Noelani Feldane, daughter of the late Osmond Feldane, was born in the shadow of Heshk and raised mostly in the same. She spent the Winter season in Amber every year, often accompanied by her uncle Sigmond Feldane as his ward. Her father died when she was just a teen, leaving her to her uncle to train. She's a knowledgeable necromancer, a Knight of Feldane, and a woman seeking revenge on the Lich that took her father away from her.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Necromancy
  • Sun Court

Associates and Connections

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  • Link two


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