Pangaiya's Info
Prop: Pangaiya
PropCo: Celaeno
Teleport: {$DB#}

The Realm in a Nutshell

A sprawling sun-baked Eden consisting of a vast landmass and several island fragments within sight of the mainland coast. With regions ranging from arid desert to dense tropics, from open savanna to compacted mountainous rock, its natural geography is characterized by a primeval grandeur, with prodigious wildlife to match. The saurian species are particularly noteworthy in this regard, dominating (and munching) the land. It is mainly peopled by tribal cultures of fantastical traits, isolated by long treks of wilderness in between, though not unknown to one other.

Propco's Note: This is a fantasy super-continent which features primeval settings and monstrous wildlife. The magic is primordial and raw. In terms of flavor, it is helpful to visualize Africa for cultural and mythological derivation.

The Mythos of Pangaiya

  • The relatively low-tech, scattered population is vulnerable to outside manipulation, but individuals of greater knowledge and power may walk among them already.
  • Dead religions have been revived due to signs and sightings of their deities, but the Pantheon's behavior differs noticeably from the ancient legends.
  • There had been a shadowpath linking Pangaiya to Amber once upon a time, but this is no longer the case and it's unclear precisely when and why it ceased to be.
  • The lush realm thrives behind numerous layers of devastated, inhospitable reflections, discouraging shadow explorers, but its own apparent immunity to catastrophe comes at a growing cost to the land.
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