Put a Ring On It...
Put a Ring On It…
Location: the main shop of Pelle e Pizzo in Amber
Date: September 21st, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Melina returns to Veronica's shop to pick up the jewelry she had ordered.
Characters: Melina and Veronica
NPCs: Polly

Melina walks into the shop. Her expression is a tired one yet her eyes are alight with anticipation almost a fierce one. Her gait is almost martial as she walks

It's a slow night at Pelle e Pizzo in Amber. Polly is sewing at a table in back. Her granddaughter Pansy would be noted as absent by those who frequent the shop. Veronica is present, however, sitting near the entrance with a book in her lap reading on the subject of Montevalno and its legends.

Melina approaches Roni but waits a bit before greeting. Interrupting a reading Chantris can be a serious thing "Good evening, cousin. I'm not interrupting am I?"

Veronica starts to say "no" but cuts herself off and says, "Well, yes, but nothing that can't be interrupted," with a smile. She closes the book and sets it down, reaching for a shoulder bag the tome is now next to. "I have completed the project you requested the other day," she explains as she resumes an upright seated position.

Melina notes the title of the book as Veronica rises "Are you Mons. Forgive me for prying. I was simply inquiring because I was wondering if you've met my friend and colleague sir Ashby de'Mandrake. He's also the Duchess' beau. I couldn't have pictured a more unlikely pair except for perhaps dirk and I"

"I am and I have," Veronica replies. "Right here in fact and just last week. However I wouldn't know about the pairing as Talia - -" she leaves out the title quite intentionally as an intended slight "- - hasn't been available for me since I returned."

Melina nods "It took me weeks to get a response to a missive. I was concerned I had made a misstep perhaps i had and that was why, though her eventual response didn't seem to indicate so. She would barely say a word in council to me or otherwise, even before the incident. I wouldn't take it too personally. she's very private and formal, which why the match with Ashby was such a surprise. He's a very capable knight and soldier but serious and formal are not words I would use to describe the man

Veronica nods. "I won't. I just find it amusing. Duke Cyrus had a meeting with me within days of arriving in Amber claiming to be Nathan's daughter. Talia's style of 'leading' the house leads much to be desired," she explains before asking, "Would you like to see how the ring and torc turned out?"

Melina nods "I definitely I'm quite anxious to see them. I've had issues with the operation of the house as deputy praxis. We're almost dangerously private but one challenge at a time, right. Rings?"

Veronica pulls a ring and a torc-style bracelet out of her shoulder bag and hands them to Melina. "One ring and one bracelet slash collar," she says and waits for her cousin to examine them and comment.

Editor's Note: The tokens for the ring and torc are, respectively, viewable with +token Melina's FGW and +token Dirk's FGX on the MUSH itself. Their descriptions are below:

Melina takes both in her hands like the treasures that they are and studies them. It's unclear if this is because she knows something about jewelry or is just used to closely examining things

Veronica quietly watches Melina's features for her reaction.

Melina nods "There beautiful and perfect for their task. Dirk doesn't know any details or about his. I'm anxious to gift it."

A smile slowly spreads across Veronica's features. Nodding she says, "I hope he likes it. I still wear the pin he gave me most of the time."

Melina blinks as she pockets the jewelry "pin?"

Veronica nods and pulls a smiley face pin out of her bag and shows it to Melina.

Editor's Note: Veronica showed a token ("Gift from Dirk") which is viewable with +token Veronica's BMZ on the MUSH itself. Its description is below:

Editor's Note: At this point the scene faded due to RL scheduling matters.

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