Fullname: Rayna
Alias: None yet
Age1: ?
Features: Brown hair and eyes, gray tongue
Height: 5'8"
House: Cibolan
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Jennifer Lopez
Assignment: Priestess
Rank: Princess
Titles: Her Highness

Public History

Rayna was raised amongst the deep jungles of Cibola, the daughter of one of the many kings that rule the wild kingdoms. Her mother was a daughter of Tanus, a priestess of that distant realm who was caught in a slave raid but deemed too worthy to be just another sacrifice. It was in Cibola that Rayna would come to revere the wild, worship the clever spider and snake gods of her people, and become a true daughter of her father.

While away on a raid, however, everything changed. Rayna returned with a ship full of slaves to find out that she no longer had a home to return to. Her father's bitterest rival had taken the opportunity to seize the lands Rayna had been raised in. Her father was dead; her mother was missing, and Rayna quickly grasped that she should not linger much longer.

Rayna could not show weakness to the other tribes of Cibola, so she fled to Amber to seek heroes that might be willing to help her retake her kingdom. And who knows, maybe she can convince them she'd make a great empress of that strange realm.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Cibola is the land of her birth. Want to have an adventure there?
  • Spear fighting is the most awesome thing in the world. Want to spar?
  • Drugs are a hot commodity that comes from the jungle. Maybe she can get you some?
  • Body Modification is a hobby. Want to ask her about her stone tongue? Or why she has a nasty scar between a couple ribs?

Associates and Connections

  • This could be you!


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