Fullname: Reve Mandrake
Alias: none
Age1: Old
Features: Red+White Hair / Blue Eyes
Height: 6'1"
House: Mandrake
Themesong: none
Played By: Charles Dance
Assignment: Bureaucrat
Rank: Lord
Titles: Lord


Though aged, Reve has not allowed his years to bend or break him. Though white has entered his hair and wrinkles have made an appearance on his face, he wears them as badges of experience rather than signs of infirmity. Reve is a tall and thin man, given to a narrow appearance. He's 6'1" of height is topped in neatly cropped hair that's halfway between ginger and snow in color. His short, neatly trimmed beard suffers the same fate, given to patches of white in what was previously a copper. His lips are thin. His nose is long and hawkish. His eyes, beneath bushy brows, are still a clear blue.

Reve is commonly found in clothing befitting a high noble of Amber: a doublet of some expensive cloth fitting close to his torso, fastened with hook and eye fasteners in precious metal, and given to detachable sleeves loosely laced at the shoulders to allow the fine linen of an undershirt to show through. Complimenting breeches lead to contrasting leather riding boots.

Public History

Reve Mandrake is an elder member of the bloodline. He was known for his service to Crown and Duchy as one of its more active Knights. Until he lost a leg. From that time on he settled in the country, running a hacienda and puttting his mind to work more than his body. He has a hobby of experimeenting with dreams and delving into the minds of wounded soldiers. But his real passion has been in Amber's bureaucracy.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dreams - Reve is a budding dream mage and may know a thing or two about the Dreamlands.
  • Medicine - Like most Mandrakes, he's a trained Physician.
  • Hacienda - He runs a horse ranch where he does his research. Come for a visit?
  • Mercenary - In Mandrake tradition, he served as a mercenary for quite a while. Did we know each other?

Associates and Connections


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